Germany-based company | Magento Migration & Development

Our client is a Germany-based company that offers a large spectrum of packaging goods, packaging consulting, design in CAD, and postal funds.
Magento 1
Magento 2
Client location
2 backend developers
2 frontend developers
approx. 6 months


Hyvä theme
Tailwind CSS
Alpine JS
approx. 6 months
6 (2 backend developers, 2 frontend developers, PM, DevOps)

About Project

Our client is a Germany-based company that offers a large spectrum of packaging goods, packaging consulting, design in CAD, and postal funds. As with any other eCommerce business, a customer’s income is directly related to the quality of user experience that customers get when they interact with their online store.

When the client reached out to us, their primary request was to merge the existing eCommerce websites from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The client wanted to ensure that the online stores would keep operating flawlessly. Our client also wanted to update the design and functionality, and improve the performance by using the Hyvä Themes.

In addition, the client wanted to create an online store that will operate in different countries (Germany, Austria), which will sell different types of packaging for goods of any size.


Since our client has many different products and services to display on their website, this project required us to implement a complex catalog structure with grouped products and price levels.

Our client’s eCommerce website provides its visitors with a vast variety of products and services. The main customers of our client are other businesses. Therefore, our second challenge was to create a convenient and engaging UI for B2B customers.

The final challenge we had to face while working on this project was creating a highly customized checkout, based on React Checkout by Hyvä Themes.

All these factors greatly complicate the process. Therefore, our team had to make a lot of efforts to complete this task in order to achieve the results that the client expected from us.

What we did

The client came to us with several requests. To implement this project, we did the following:

  • 1. Carried out the migration of customers from Magento 1.
  • 2. Synchronized categories, products, and orders with SAP.
  • 3. For maximizing the website performance we used the Hyvä theme for Magento 2 development.
  • 4. Configured custom product labels from the admin panel.
  • 5. Created a custom search system for packages depending on the size of the product.
  • 6. Made the excel report on search parameters with not found products.
  • 7. Implemented the Quick order feature. This lets customers fill the cart faster, search products by SKU, and configure and add to the cart on a single page.
  • 8. Added the ability to save the current state of the cart to a customer account with the ability to output to PDF and restore the cart.
  • 9. Created banner display widget.
  • 10. Implemented product sliders across different categories (Top Selling, Recently Viewed, Featured, Similar and Popular).
  • 11. Developed the customer offer feature. Customers can save their carts as “Offers ” to their accounts, and export them as PDF or add them to the cart later.
  • 12. Added a detailed product variants table. This feature lets customers easily sort and filter product variants and add them to the cart.
  • 13. Developed a volume finder feature that helps to find a specific type of product by its characteristics.
  • 14. Conducted Integration tests.
  • 15. As a result, we created a convenient and performative eCommerce website for a packaging company. We met all the requirements and deadlines, and our team received positive feedback.

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