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Partner with IT Delight’s dedicated software development team. Our professionals with years of experience will take your eCommerce projects to a new level.

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    Do you need a dedicated software development team?

    Here is when hiring a dedicated development team is essential for your business.
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    Team Busy? Let Us Help!

    Is your internal team overloaded with projects? We can take on your software development needs, allowing your team to focus on their current workload.

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    Design Experts at Your Service

    Lacking design expertise for your project? Our experts have the skills and experience to handle any design challenge.

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    Speed Up Your Development Process

    Need to assemble a team quickly to meet project requirements? Our company can accelerate the development process, ensuring timely project completion.

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    Specialized Projects? No Problem!

    Don’t have the necessary specialists on your team? Our pool of talented developers specializing in various areas can be your solution.

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    Find Technical Talent with Ease

    Struggling to find the right talent in your domestic market? Our dedicated team comprises skilled developers with years of experience to handle any project.

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    Complex Project? We’ve Got You Covered

    Long, complex projects with dynamic requirements can be a challenge. We ensure streamlined project management and quality work within your deadlines.

    In search of a team that aligns with your vision, values, and goals?

    IT Delight has got you covered. W Don’t wait, unlock your business potential today!
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    What to expect from hiring a dedicated development team

    Hiring a dedicated development team can be a game-changer for your eCommerce business.
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    Deep Understanding of Your Project and Business Goals

    To ensure we fully comprehend your project needs and overall company objectives, our development team will work side-by-side with you from the very beginning. This makes it possible for us to tailor our solutions to your unique requirements and achieve your company’s goals.

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    Access to Specialized Skills

    We are able to solve difficult problems because of the developer-focused team we have assembled. Our dedicated team is available to supplement your own employees if they are lacking the knowledge or experience to complete a task.

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    Complete Control Over Team Management

    When you hire our dedicated development team, you have complete control over team management. You can set priorities, allocate tasks, and adjust team size as necessary to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

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    Direct Communication with the Team

    Our dedicated development team maintains open lines of communication with you, the client, delivering timely updates and insightful analysis as your project evolves. This keeps you abreast of the project’s status so that you may make well-informed decisions when they arise.

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    Clearly Defined Rates and Budgets

    We offer clearly defined rates and budgets for our services, ensuring that there are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses. This provides you with greater control over your project budget and allows you to plan for the costs upfront.

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    Continuous Improvement and Innovation

    We make it a priority to learn about and use cutting-edge tools and techniques. We are committed to developing our expertise and expanding our capabilities to offer our clients the most effective services possible.

    Who will benefit from hiring a dedicated development team

    If you fall under any of these categories, hire a dedicated development team for big eCommerce success
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    Companies Lacking Expertise

    Our developers with diverse skill sets and expertise will provide solutions to complex problems that your internal team may not be equipped to handle.

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    Businesses with Short Deadlines

    Our team is accustomed to working under tight deadlines and can accelerate the development process to ensure timely project completion.

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    Companies That Want a Simple Process

    We at IT Delight follow a streamlined process that ensures quality work and timely delivery of your eCommerce project.

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    Rapidly Growing Startups

    Our staff can manage several projects at once, letting you concentrate on expanding your company rather than worrying about eCommerce development.

    Discuss your project

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    Who can help you with your e-store

    Our skilled professionals are here to help you with your software development needs.
    IT Delight
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      Project Managers

      Our project managers keep an eye on schedules, handle resource allocation, and make sure your project is finished on time and under budget.

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      Frontend Developers

      Our front- and back-end developers have worked on multiple successful software projects. They’re well-equipped to deal with everything from a basic website to a highly intricate application.

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      Backend Developers

      Our front- and back-end developers have worked on multiple successful software projects. They’re well-equipped to deal with everything from a basic website to a highly intricate application.

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      QA Testers

      Our quality assurance testers will find and fix any problems in your e-store so it’s ready for release after they run it through a series of rigorous tests.

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      DevOps Engineers

      If you need help making sure your eCommerce store is scalable and secure, our DevOps engineers are here to help with that.

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      UI/UX Designer

      Our  UI/UX designers create user-friendly, straightforward e-store interfaces that are a pleasure to interact with.

    Dedicated team variations that we offer

    We offer a solution for your needs whether you need just a couple of engineers or a large team.
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    1-2 Developers

    This team is perfect for small projects or businesses with limited e-store development needs. Here is what to expect:

    • A skilled developer with the necessary expertise to handle your project requirements.
    • Access to project management tools for effective communication and timely delivery of your project.
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    Team of 3-5 Members

    This team is ideal for medium-sized projects or businesses with moderate eCommerce development needs. You will get:

    • A project manager to oversee your project and ensure that it runs smoothly.
    • A team of expert developers with the necessary expertise to achieve your e-store development goals.
    • Access to project management tools to ensure smooth communication and delivery on time.
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    Large Team of 5-10 Members

    Our large team is ideal for businesses with high software development needs or complex projects. Our 5-10 member team includes:

    • A dedicated project manager to supervise your project and make sure everything goes according to plan.
    • A group of proficient programmers who can fulfill all of your project’s requirements.
      Quality assurance specialists to ensure that your software is free from bugs and errors.
    • DevOps engineers to streamline the development process and ensure efficient deployment of your software.
    • UI/UX designers to create intuitive interfaces and ensure a positive user experience.

    Hiring a dedicated development team: How it works

    Let us walk you through the steps involved in hiring a dedicated development team.

    Discussing Your
    Requirements and Tasks

    When you hire a professional development team, you’ll first need to talk about the specifics of your project and what they’ll be responsible for. To tailor an e-store to your specific requirements, we will work with you to identify your goals, constraints, and financial limitations.


    the Team

    Following a discussion of your needs, we will gather a group of qualified professionals who are equipped to complete your project successfully. We’ll designate a manager to oversee the team and make sure everything goes perfectly for you.


    the Team

    Once the team has been formed, they will be incorporated into your current procedures. In this way, you can be certain that they will be able to collaborate effectively with your in-house staff and share your vision.


    Providing the Results
    and Ongoing Support

    We’ll keep you updated on the project’s development and make sure it’s finished on time and under budget. We also provide continuing support to our clients, including aid with team member replacement due to illness or other unforeseen situations.

    Reviews of our clients

    Below you can read what our clients say about us.
    Client avatar
    CEO, Second-Hand Car Platform

    Maurice Kleine

    The development services provided by ITDelight are excellent, effectively integrating the payment module and fixing all issues professionally and promptly. They supplied regular updates, responding quickly, and implementing the project exactly as required.
    Client avatar
    Director of IT, Superfoods Company

    Wesley Laguerre

    ITDelight helped reduce the time the client spent dealing with technical issues, enabling them to focus on operation optimization. The team’s workflow was seamless; they kept the client informed and responded promptly. Their development expertise and excellent customer service stood out.


    What is a dedicated development team model?

    Under this model, the company hires a team of developers who become an extension of their in-house team, working closely with them to understand the project requirements and deliverables. The team may consist of a project manager, developers, quality assurance specialists, and other professionals who are necessary to develop and maintain the software.

    How can I make sure that the dedicated team is the right model for me?

    A dedicated team can be a great choice if you have a complex project that requires ongoing support and expertise. However, it’s important to evaluate your budget, timeline, and level of control to determine if it’s the right fit for your project.

    What affects the effectiveness of a dedicated team?

    The effectiveness of a dedicated team is affected by factors such as communication, skills and expertise, teamwork, project management, motivation, and tools and resources. 

    What is the difference between a dedicated team of developers for hire and an additionally hired employee?

    A dedicated team is a group of individuals who work together full-time on a specific project and are responsible for its success as a whole. An additionally hired employee is an individual who is hired for their specific skills and works on specific tasks within an existing team.

    How to hire a dedicated development team?

    To hire a dedicated development team, review our services and portfolio, and contact us for a consultation. We have a team of experienced developers, designers, and project managers who can work with you to achieve your project goals.

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