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    Custom Shopware 6 Migration Services in Short

    Watch the video about custom shopware 6 migration services to get a better understanding.

    Get a glimpse of how our seasoned team can streamline your transition to Shopware, emphasizing efficiency, accuracy, and smooth operations. As a leading name in the realm of e-commerce solutions, we are poised to assist your business in capitalizing on Shopware’s robust features.

    Full-Featured Shopware Migration Solution

    Depending on your platforms and technologies, you may restore to various types of data migration.
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    Database migration

    We migrate data from one database to another, making sure that data is transferred correctly, and there is no data loss or damages.

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    Cloud migration

    We migrate data from the on premises software to the cloud environment. Or between different cloud environments.

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    Application migration

    We migrate data from one framework to another system or vendor. Before migrating, it’s necessary to ensure that data is communicable.

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    Storage migration

    We migrate data from one storage system to another, checking the data for reliability, accuracy, and authenticity in the process.

    Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 Migration

    Shopware 6 is way faster than Shopware 5 in terms of performance. Additionally, Shopware 6 has more intuitive management and is more convenient in use, compared to Shopware 5.
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    • Problem

      Not everyone is aware about the benefits of Shopware 6. For a lot of Shopware business owners, migration doesn’t look like it’s worth the trouble. Besides, Shopware 5 to 6 migration is not a simple one-button press process. Because of that, many businesses keep migration process on ice.

    • Risks

      When postponing migration to Shopware 6, businesses miss out on a lot of opportunities. Shopware 6 offers higher productivity, more sales channels, boosted SEO opportunities, etc. Businesses who don’t migrate to Shopware 6 fall behind in terms of efficiency and productivity, giving way to their competitors.

    • Solution

      Being on the market for more than a decade, our team keeps an eye on all of the innovations and makes sure that our clients get the most out of the current technologies. The team will create a custom solution so our Shopware 5 to 6 migration will go flawlessly.

    Magento to Shopware 6 Migration

    Migrating your website from Magento to Shopware 6 provides you with new growth potential and flexible rules and policies that fit various business projects.
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    • Problem

      Most business owners don’t go for Magento Shopware migration since it requires additional resources and time. It is also associated with such risks as data loss or incomplete data transfer. Yet, working with the reliable team will save you from all these issues.

    • Risks

      When the business grows and develops, the initial system usually can’t handle all the new requirements and needs. In order to stay afloat, business owners need to consider migration to the technologies that will suit their needs more.

    • Solution

      We offer developing quick and scalable solutions that are tailored to the needs of your project. Our team will access your website and create a migration plan that will include all the details about preparing your data to move to the new environment.

    Another Shop System to Shopware 6 Migration

    Shopware offers you a scalable and flexible eCommerce solution that fits all of the business models, from B2C to B2B. Shopware 6 migration will be the starting point for the new stage of your business growth and development.
    Shopware Migration content
    • Problem

      Shopware 6 offers you lots of benefits that not every business owner knows of. For example, more sale channels that allow integrating your website with social media or boosted SEO opportunities that allow gaining more organic traffic.

    • Risks

      The more you delay the Shopware 6 migration, the more you lose in terms of high productivity, efficiency, and flexibility to your competitors.

    • Solution

      Our company is an official Shopware partner and the team consists of certified Shopware developers. They know how to migrate the websites to Shopware 6 not only quickly but also in a way that won’t damage or alter any of the data.

    Boost your sales with migration to Shopware 6

    So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our Shopware migration services and start your journey to a better eCommerce platform.

    Stages of Migration

    Our team divides Shopware 6 migration into three main stages.
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    The first step involves evaluating  the existing data and creating a migration plan.

    • Evaluating the data
    • Identifying and briefing the key stakeholders
    • Establishing rules and management process
    • Determining what data to move
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    The second step covers all steps of the migration process.

    • Creating full backup of the data that’s being moved
    • Coding the migration logic
    • Creating scripts for data transition
    • Testing the migration with a mirror of production environment
    • Executing the migration plan
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    Post-Migration Audit

    After the migration is complete, the team proceeds to:

    • Demonstrating that migration has gone according to all the requirements
    • Validating results with key clients
    • Retiring the old systems
    • Testing the new system by triggering all the workflows and automations
    • Launching migrated data in production

    Reviews of our clients

    Here’s what our clients have to say about cooperation with IT Delight.
    Client avatar
    Director of Ecommerce

    Shawn Landry

    Our company worked with IT Delight for half a year. We were looking for a development agency that will help to perform migration of our website to Shopware 6. They created a plan for migration and explained to us every step of the process. Firsty, they created a full backup of the data so nothing would go missing in the process of migrations.
    Client avatar
    Director of IT, Online Shop

    Neal Koets

    ITDelight completed the migration process ahead of schedule and within the agreed budget. No data was lost, and the online store worked flawlessly after the launch. They also listened to the client’s suggestions. Moreover, the team’s communication skills exceeded the client’s high expectations.


    How long does the migration process take? 

    Depending on the volumes of data and differences between sources and destinations, data migration can take from a couple days to as long as months and even years.

    Can you migrate information about orders, products, and reviews?

    Currently, you can migrate orders, products, reviews, and many more features. For example, shop features, category structures, customer data, address data, and that is not the complete list.

    Do we offer support & maintenance after the migration process is complete? 

    We offer support & maintenance services after the migration process is complete. Our range of support services range from damage control to performance optimization and solving compatibility issues.

    What will happen to my plugins after the migration process?

    Shopware 6 extended their range of features and functionality that earlier was accessible via plugins. Because of this, some of the plugins aren’t supported by Shopware 6. We will check what plugins are available, what plugins are working as standard ones, and what are their formats. We also offer custom plugin development according to the clients’ needs.

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