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Discover the evolution of Erlich Textil. Our team provided them with Shopware 6 Development & Support services and when faced with the challenges of developing a complex website, we overcame the hurdles by ensuring smooth page caching and integrating custom solutions.

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    About project

    Erlich Textil is a German company established in 2016, specializing in the sale of men's and women's clothing made from organic materials.  Their mission is to provide a sustainable and affordable alternative to clothing, striving to make the fashion industry more sustainable and fair for all.

    About project


    The project posed significant challenges, including the development of multiple pages to address various business aspects and the need for custom solutions for unique product features. Ensuring smooth page caching was also a technical obstacle to enhance the user experience.


    To address these challenges, we undertook a comprehensive project from scratch, developing the website based on specified designs for an appealing and user-friendly interface. We integrated various tools to enhance the shopping experience and successfully collaborated with another company to integrate JTL, expanding the platform’s capabilities. Our 24/7 project management and support ensured a smooth project progression.


    3 Frontend Developers
    2 Backend Developers


    6 months


    Integration of smooth caching of pages
    Customer Support Team

    The result

    The project has resulted in a robust and feature-rich website. The smooth caching of pages ensures a fast and efficient user experience. The integration of tools and functionalities has significantly enhanced sales, and the successful collaboration with JTL has expanded the platform's capabilities

    The result

    Product catalog

    We assisted in optimizing their website’s overall product catalog. We improved the organization, layout, and accessibility of their product listings, making it easier for customers to browse and find the items they were looking for.

    Mobile view

    We assisted Erlich Textil in optimizing their website’s mobile version to enhance the user experience, ensuring it was more user-friendly and responsive for mobile device users.


    It can be used by anybody — from solopreneurs to large enterprises. No matter what industry or sector you’re in – retail, travel, electronics, food & beverage, or anything else – Shopware can provide the perfect solution.


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