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Weinzirkus, a German online wine shop, sought our expertise to revamp their website. Our team comprehensively developed the main site’s pages to align with a new design, ensuring ongoing maintenance and support. Furthermore, we upgraded their Shopware versions and integrated essential plugins to enhance functionality and performance.

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    About project

    Weinzirkus is a German online wine shop led by a professional wine dealer and importer. They offer a wide range of wines for both wine geeks and amateurs. The company has a wide range of products from all over the world, selling different kinds of wines in one place. Their request to our team was about designing and developing main pages and maintaining and supporting the website.

    About project


    The main task involved the comprehensive development of all the main site’s pages in alignment with the new design, coupled with the ongoing maintenance and support of the website. Additionally, there was a subsequent requirement to update the Shopware versions and integrate essential plugins to enhance the website’s functionality and performance


    Our scope of work encompassed a wide range of tasks, including:

    • Advanced PIM/ERP systems implementation and ongoing support;
    • Strategic recommendations for business analysis and sales, after comprehensive analysis;
    • Design and development of the main website pages for an enhanced online experience;
    • Implemented a robust SEO strategy optimized to improve search rankings and online visibility.

    These initiatives collectively aimed to not only enhance the digital presence of business but also to improve its operational efficiency and sales performance.


    2 Developers


    3 month


    PIM/ERP systems implementation

    The result

    We successfully developed the main site's pages, maintained and supported the website in line with the new design, and upgraded Shopware versions with essential plugin integrations. These actions collectively improved the business's digital presence, operational efficiency, and sales performance.

    The result

    Product catalog

    We have updated the product catalog in accordance with the new design and customer needs. The outcome: a user-friendly platform with efficient filters for an enjoyable shopping experience.

    Mobile view

    Enhancing the mobile shopping experience, we optimized the site for adaptability on smartphones and tablets. Mobile view is visually appealing, highly functional, and offers improved mobile accessibility.


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