Furniture eCommerce website design and development services

With thorough product descriptions, high-resolution photos, and user-friendly navigation, our team of expert designers and developers will build a website that will put your furniture items in the best possible light.

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    You can’t just show off your wares online
    You have to sell them

    We understand that designing a furniture e-store that showcases your products is not enough. Your website also needs to be optimized to sell your products and convert visitors into customers.
    Furniture industry ITDelight

    Designing websites that go further than just a fancy look
    That’s why we incorporate advanced features, such as 3D product visualization, virtual room planners, and augmented reality to help your customers visualize how your furniture will look in their space. 

    Our team designs your e-store with a focus on user experience. While doing web development for furniture e-stores, we pay attention to the layout, color scheme, font size, and overall aesthetic.

     These features can help to increase customer engagement and improve the likelihood of a purchase.

    What we offer

    Here is what we can offer to you in terms of furniture website development.
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    Best Niche Design

    Stand Out from the Crowd
    We will create a unique and attractive website that showcases your furniture store’s brand.

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    Platform for Your Needs

    Tailored to Your Business
    Our experts can choose a platform that perfectly suits your e-store needs and budget.

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    Optimal Functionality

    Seamless Shopping Experience
    We will optimize your e-commerce platform’s functionality to enhance the shopping experience.

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    Conversion and Revenue Growth

    Drive Business Success
    You can maximize your e-store’s revenue potential with our conversion-focused approach.

    Key features in the web site design for the furniture industry

    Here is what your furniture e-store must have to be successful.
    ecommerce industries ITDelight
    ecommerce industries ITDelight
    ecommerce industries ITDelight
    ecommerce industries ITDelight
    ecommerce industries ITDelight
    ecommerce industries ITDelight

    Catalogs with Convenient Filters

    Let customers easily find what they’re looking for with our user-friendly catalog and filters.
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    Upselling and Crossselling of Goods

    Maximize revenue by suggesting complementary products to customers during the buying process.
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    Reviews and Full Descriptions of Product Features

    Build trust with your customers with detailed product information and genuine customer reviews.
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    Convenient Delivery Methods

    Increase customer satisfaction and retention with reliable and timely delivery.
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    Mobile First Approach

    Reach customers on-the-go with a mobile-first design that prioritizes ease of use and convenience.
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    Easy Way to Order

    Simplify the buying process for your customers with a quick and hassle-free ordering system.
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    Who we work with

    Our team works for different business sectors in the furniture industry,


    • We help manufacturers showcase their furniture collections online and reach a wider audience.
    • Our e-commerce solutions for manufacturers streamline the order management process and increase efficiency.
    • With our expertise in e-commerce, we can help manufacturers adapt to the digital age and stay ahead of the competition.


    • We help retailers create an online presence and expand their reach beyond brick-and-mortar stores.
    • Our e-commerce solutions for retailers enhance customer experience and increase sales.
    • With our expertise in e-commerce, we can help retailers adapt to changing consumer behaviors and expectations in the digital age.

    Let’s convert your visitors into customers

    Drop us your contact details to start getting high revenues.

    Experience and perfectionism

    We’ve been in business for more than a decade, so we know what makes a successful furniture e-store. Our certificates prove that for us.
    Order Management Developer 4
    Associate Developer 9
    Professional Cloud Developer 6
    Professional Front End Developer 3
    Professional JavaScript Developer 2
    Solution Developer 9
    Professional Developer Plus 6
    Professional Developer 2
    Magento Certificates
    Adobe certificate 9
    Adobe certificate 6
    Adobe certificate 2
    Adobe Certificates
    Shopware certificate 2
    Shopware certificate 1
    Shopware certificate 1
    Shopware Certificates

    Why choose us

    Below is how we differ from other fashion web development partners.
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    12+ years experience

    We help eCommerce businesses broaden their trading experience and boost revenues in a range of niches, including healthcare.

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    84+ specialists

    Our team consists of highly-professional developers, designers, project managers, and other specialists ensuring a smooth workflow.

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    34+ active clients

    We can create feature-rich business-to-business and business-to-customer portals for any kind of healthcare eCommerce company.

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    Certificated team

    Thanks to the high professionalism of our developers, our company has received a number of certificates from the world-leading partners, such as Adobe and Magento.


    Will I be able to see my site during the development process?

    Yes, absolutely. We believe in keeping our clients informed and involved throughout the development process. We provide you with a development environment where you can see the progress of your website and provide feedback.

    What to consider in furniture ecommerce website design?

    Building a furniture ecommerce website is a complex process and there are many things to consider. For example, the site must have an intuitive and responsive design. Our suggestions: keep it simple, make content easy to read, and make it easy to navigate, etc.

    Can you suggest the most suitable platform for my furniture website?

    Yes, we can help you choose the most suitable platform for your furniture website based on your business requirements, budget, and goals. We work with the most popular platforms such as Shopware and Magento.

    How to adapt my furniture store web design to all devices?

    We design your furniture store website to be mobile responsive, which means that your website will adapt to different screen sizes and devices automatically. For furniture mobile app development, we use a combination of responsive design techniques such as flexible images, fluid grids, and CSS media queries to ensure that your website looks great on all devices.

    Will my website be SEO optimized?

    To boost your website’s visibility in search engines, we do employ SEO best practices. We check that your website is correctly built and constructed in accordance with SEO standards, do keyword research, and optimize the content.

    I already have a ready store, can you update it?

    Yes, we offer website redesign and development services for existing furniture stores. We can update your website with new features, modernize its design, and optimize it for improved performance.

    My furniture eCommerce business does not have a full-time web developer. Do you offer long-term support?

    Yes, we offer long-term support and maintenance services for your furniture eCommerce website. Our support services include security updates, bug fixes, feature enhancements, and more. We can tailor our support services to meet your specific needs and budget.

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