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How to Build an Online Furniture Store With Shopware 6

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Did you know that 63% of shopping occasions begin online, and furniture purchases are no exceptions. What’s more, an estimated 2.14 billion people worldwide purchase goods online, which is a great sign for online marketers.

What’s more, an estimated 2.14 billion people worldwide purchase goods online, which is a great sign for online marketers.

By the way, the decision on which platform to use can significantly impact the overall success of the online venture. Among the myriad of choices available, Shopware emerges as a robust option for those wanting to venture into the online furniture space. Let’s delve into why Shopware holds an edge for furniture business owners.

Why Shopware 6 Excels in Furniture Store Development

Shopware, a prominent name in the eCommerce arena, provides features tailored for the furniture sector. It harmoniously blends adaptability with efficiency, ensuring your online furniture platform is both aesthetic and functional. You read more about it in our comprehensive Shopware ecosystem guide.

Advantages of Shopware 6:

Advantages of Shopware 6
  • Intuitive Management: Shopware offers an easily navigable dashboard, making store management straightforward, even for those new to the digital domain.
  • Tailored Design Options: Every furniture brand has its unique essence. Shopware provides diverse customization features, allowing your store to resonate with your brand’s ethos.
  • Detailed Product Showcasing: With Shopware, you can present furniture products with high-clarity images and thorough descriptions, giving customers a clear understanding of what they’re purchasing.
  • Device-Adaptive Design: Shopware ensures your store adapts seamlessly across devices – be it desktop, tablet, or mobile, providing a consistent shopping experience for all users.
  • Effortless Integration: Shopware allows you to integrate various functionalities, from stock management to payment processing, simplifying the store operation.
  • Effective SEO Capabilities: Visibility on search platforms is paramount. Shopware’s innate SEO tools assist your furniture platform in achieving higher visibility, drawing potential customers to your store.
  • Future-Ready Scalability: Shopware is built to accommodate growth, ensuring your platform can evolve as your business expands.

What Functional Set is Needed to Develop a Basic Furniture Store with Shopware 6?

7 functions of a robust e-store Shopware 6

When delving into the world of online furniture selling, it’s essential to have a robust platform that can cater to the unique demands of the industry. Shopware, a prominent player in the eCommerce sector, offers functionalities that make it an excellent choice for launching your online furniture store. You can make sure that it’s worth your attention by checking our Shopware vs Shopify comparison.

Let’s break down the critical functional sets business owners need to consider when setting up their furniture e-commerce site using Shopware.

1. Product Showcase and Management:

Product Showcase and Management

Capturing the essence of each furniture piece is critical. The product management features in Shopware ensure each item is represented in its full glory and managed efficiently.

  • High-Resolution Image Rendering: Optimize large furniture images without compromising quality.
  • Variation Management: Intuitive management of product variations, perfect for different finishes or configurations.
  • Inventory Integration: Seamless stock updates through integration with Warehouse Management Systems.

2. Customizable Store Design:

Customizable Store Design

A unique store design differentiates you from competitors. Shopware’s design capabilities offer both ease and flexibility to make your furniture store stand out.

  • Drag-and-drop Editor: Quick and hassle-free page layout customization.
  • Template Engine: Dive deep with the Smarty template engine for detailed design modifications.

3. Mobile Optimization:

Mobile Optimization

In today’s digital age, many customers shop via mobile devices. Shopware ensures an unblemished mobile experience.

  • Responsive Design: Themes adapt to varied screen sizes ensuring clarity.
  • Touch-optimized: Enhance browsing for mobile users with touch-friendly features.

4. Secure Payment Gateways:

Secure Payment Gateways

Trust is paramount in online shopping. Shopware’s payment features prioritize transaction security and versatility.

  • End-to-End Encryption: Robust SSL encryption protocols for data safety.
  • Multiple Gateway Support: Diverse payment options with popular providers.

5. Effective Search and Filter Tools:

Effective Search and Filter Tools

A customer’s ability to swiftly find what they’re looking for can drastically affect sales. Shopware’s search tools are engineered for precision and speed.

  • Elasticsearch Integration: Swift, accurate product search results.
  • Attribute-based Filtering: Tailored browsing experiences with custom filters.

6. SEO and Marketing Tools:

SEO and Marketing Tools

Visibility is key in the digital marketplace. Shopware’s in-built tools ensure your furniture store isn’t just another name in the crowd.

  • Meta Information Management: Boost search engine visibility.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns: Directly manage marketing campaigns from your e-commerce site.

But if Shopware tools are not enough for you, check out IT Delight SEO and optimization services.

7. Customer Service and Support:

Customer Service and Support

Exceptional post-purchase service can turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. Shopware’s service tools prioritize efficient and personalized customer interactions.

  • Integrated Live Chat: Immediate, direct customer interactions.
  • Ticketing System: Systematic issue tracking and resolution.

What Do You Need to Create a Furniture Shopware 6 Marketplace?

Shopware 6 8 must havesyou need to create a furniture marketplace

Creating a successful online furniture marketplace using Shopware goes beyond just setting up a site. It’s about building an ecosystem where multiple sellers can showcase their furniture products and customers can browse, compare, and buy with ease. For such an ambitious project, you need a reliable team and a strategic approach.

1. Initial Planning and Business Analysis:

Initial Planning and Business Analysis

Before diving into the technical side of the marketplace, it’s essential to understand the business requirements, target audience, and goals. This step ensures the platform is tailored to the furniture industry’s unique demands.

  • Market Research: Understand trends in the furniture eCommerce world, customer behavior, and competitor analysis.
  • Requirement Gathering: Determine the specific features and functionalities the Shopware store should possess.

2. UX/UI Design:

UX/UI Design

Aesthetic and functionality are key in the furniture industry. Ensuring your online shop has an intuitive and attractive interface will set the foundation for success.

  • Responsive Design: Ensure the site design is adaptable across devices for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Wireframing: Draft the basic layout of web pages to visualize the user’s journey.

Need professional help with design? Visit this Shopware design page.

3. Backend Development:

Backend Development

The backbone of your Shopware marketplace is its backend development. This step involves setting up servers, databases, and ensuring smooth integration with Shopware’s features.

  • Server Configuration: Optimize for load balancing, especially for high-resolution furniture images.
  • Database Management: Efficiently structure and store product information, seller details, and transaction records.

4. Frontend Development:

Frontend Development

The frontend is what your users interact with. It’s the window display of your online furniture store, making its flawless execution vital. You can get the next Shopware development services from the experts:

  • Shopware Theme Customization: Adjust existing Shopware themes to match the furniture industry’s aesthetic.
  • Interactive Features: Implement features like 3D product previews, color selectors, and size comparators.

5. Integration of Multi-vendor Modules:

Integration of Multi-vendor Modules

For a marketplace, you need to accommodate multiple sellers with varied inventory.

  • Vendor Dashboard: A dedicated space for sellers to manage their listings, track sales, and interact with customers.
  • Product Upload System: Easy-to-use interface for sellers to add and update their furniture listings.

6. SEO and Marketing Optimization:

SEO and Marketing Optimization

Ensure your e-commerce site stands out in the crowded online furniture marketplace. Drive organic traffic and boost sales.

  • SEO Toolkit Integration: Utilize Shopware’s built-in tools for meta tags, URL structures, and more.
  • Content Strategy: Develop a plan for product descriptions, blogs, and other content specific to the furniture industry.

7. Quality Assurance and Testing:

Quality Assurance and Testing

Before going live, rigorous testing ensures that the platform runs smoothly and securely.

  • Functional Testing: Confirm that all features and functionalities work as expected.
  • Load Testing: Check the site’s performance under high traffic scenarios, especially crucial for popular furniture sales periods.

8. Launch and Continuous Support:

Launch and Continuous Support

Once the site is live, the journey doesn’t end. Regular updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements keep the platform running optimally. Shopware support services include:

  • Post-launch Monitoring: Track site performance, customer feedback, and seller interactions.
  • Regular Maintenance: Routine check-ups and updates to ensure the Shopware platform remains secure and efficient.

The Best Shopware 6 Themes for Furniture e-Stores

Well, do you know the magic of merging aesthetics with function in the realm of furniture eCommerce? That’s where Shopware really shines. It’s not just about selling furniture; it’s an art, crafting digital spaces that echo the essence of home and elegance. So, looking to elevate your online platform? That means choosing or creating the right theme for your furniture online shop is crucial. 

Thus, as we delve deeper, let’s explore the world of the best Shopware themes. These themes aren’t just industry-tailored solutions; they’re more. They merge effortlessly with B2C online store requirements, ensuring every virtual corner of your site resonates with purpose. Plus, maybe it’s time you let your website shine in its full splendor.


In an eCommerce landscape where furniture brands constantly vie for a top spot, RH-Webdesign’s “Furniture One | Cloud” Shopware theme makes its mark. Designed for the modern online furniture store, this theme marries functionality with finesse. Here’s a detailed overview:

The Best Shopware 6 Themes FURNITURE ONE | CLOUD 

by RH-Webdesign


  • Streamlined Start: Begin your furniture e-commerce journey effortlessly with the Furniture One theme’s free Shopware setup.
  • Endless Customization: Over 1000 setting options stand out, offering a breadth of versatility unmatched by other online shop solutions, enhanced further with its rich plugin and extension support.
  • Direct Developer Touch: Receive invaluable guidance and support straight from RH-Webdesign, the brains behind this exceptional theme.
  • Test Before Investing: The 30-day, no-holds-barred trial ensures businesses experience the theme’s full suite of offerings before making a commitment.
  • Boosted Visibility: Every adopter of the theme gets a complementary e-book on “Search Engine Optimization”, arming them with insights to enhance their online prominence.


  • Holistic Utility: The theme’s pro version is a treasure trove for shop operators and developers alike.
  • Graphics at Your Fingertips: The theme comes packed with Photoshop templates, making branding a breeze.
  • Versatile to Core: No matter the vision, Furniture One adapts with ease to align with various business objectives.
  • User-centric Design: Dive into the world of online sales without the baggage of programming prerequisites.
  • Performance Meets SEO: Prioritizing rapid page loads and search optimization, the theme is optimized for businesses to make their mark online.
  • Craftsmanship in Pixels: Every nuance, tailored for the furniture industry, exudes meticulous attention to detail.
  • Third-party Hassles Be Gone: Integrated compatibility features ensure external add-ons integrate without hiccups.
  • Social Ready: Built-in social media functionalities mean businesses are always in tune with their audience.
  • Adaptable Code Framework: Modify meta data, CSS, and Javascript directly, providing businesses the agility they need.
  • Expansive Documentation: An ever-growing resource base ensures users are always a step ahead.

Billing options:


  • € 27.00 /month


Free trial month

  • € 83.79 /billed annually

HORIZON | Pro | Responsive Premium Theme

The Best Shopware 6 Themes HORIZON | Pro | Responsive Premium Theme

by Zenit Design

For furniture businesses venturing into the Shopware platform, choosing the right theme can be the bridge between an ordinary and an exceptional online shop. Zenit Design’s HORIZON | Pro is the quintessential eCommerce solution tailored for the furniture industry. Let’s dive deep into why this theme has been making waves in the eCommerce landscape.


  • Shopware-Optimized Start: With HORIZON | Pro, furniture stores can effortlessly commence their online journey, thanks to the preconfigured child themes tailored for the Shopware ecosystem.
  • Customization Galore: This e-commerce site theme empowers business owners, allowing for in-depth customization, without any programming. Perfect for making your furniture store stand out!
  • Knowledge Hub: With an evolving online landscape, the theme’s continually updated documentation ensures that your Shopware store remains ahead of the curve.
  • Pristine Presentation: A distinct feature is its unbranded nature, offering a clean slate for furniture businesses to brand their online shop as they envision.
  • Developer’s Hand: Furniture store owners can bank on direct support from seasoned Shopware developers, ensuring a smooth sailing eCommerce journey.


  • Pricing Mastery: Zenit Design offers unbeatable pricing for the quality and features packed into this theme, ensuring value for every penny spent by furniture businesses.
  • Evolutionary Approach: Designed for longevity, the active development ensures your furniture online shop remains in line with industry trends.
  • Swift Deployment: For furniture businesses keen on a quick launch, the theme cuts through the unnecessary, focusing on essential settings for a faster store setup.
  • Adaptable Aesthetics: Catering to diverse business models, from boutique B2C furniture outlets to expansive multistores, the theme’s design is universally appealing.
  • Sales-Centric Design: The theme isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s optimized for conversions, ensuring furniture products catch the eye and convince the mind.
  • Plugin Wonderland: Over 56 renowned plugins integrated, supercharging your Shopware furniture store’s functionality at no additional pricing.
  • SEO & Pagespeed: An essential for any online business, the theme is meticulously optimized for search engines, ensuring visibility and speed.
  • Storytelling Tools: With added CMS elements and layouts, furniture businesses can weave compelling visual narratives, enhancing their Shopware store’s appeal.
  • Enduring Compatibility: Zenit Design, with its rich Shopware lineage, promises seamless updates and easy extensibility for furniture stores.
  • Mobile-Centric Design: The theme ensures a seamless shopping experience, from desktops to mobiles, a vital for today’s online shoppers.
  • Premium Affiliation: Zenit Design’s prowess is further emphasized by its recognition as a premium extension partner in the Shopware community.
  • Additional Flair: Features like Quickview, tailored Headers & Footers, and Sticky Functions make this theme the ideal solution for any furniture online shop.

Billing options:


  • Free updates and support for 12 months (Subscription)
  • € 399.00  


  • 30 days for free

ThemeWare® Living Pro | sales increasing and customizable

The Best Shopware 6 Themes ThemeWare® Living Pro | sales increasing and customizable

by TC-Innovations GmbH

Navigating the e-commerce world, especially in the furniture sector, requires a robust online shop setup. Enter ThemeWare® Living Pro by TC-Innovations GmbH – a Shopware theme tailored to elevate any online furniture store.

Key Features:

  • Boost Your Sales: Beyond a stylish look, this Shopware theme has tools and online courses that can help furniture stores increase their sales.
  • Pro Look for Your Store: Make your furniture online shop shine with professional graphics, all available as PSD files for customization.
  • Make It Yours: With over 1100 settings and 41 ready-to-use plugins, setting up a unique furniture e-commerce site on the Shopware platform becomes a breeze.
  • All About The Customer: Great support, handy video tutorials, and a user-friendly interface make this theme a favorite among online furniture store owners.
  • Try and Decide: Test out ThemeWare® with its full features for 30 days, diving deep into its potential for your online furniture business.

Deep Dive:

  • The Pro Edge: The ThemeWare® Pro Edition is packed with top-tier features, making it perfect for any furniture e-commerce site looking to lead in the industry.
  • Sales Ready: Every element of this theme is built to convert visitors into buyers, especially crucial for furniture e-commerce sites.
  • Plugin Galore: Furniture businesses can benefit from 41 essential plugins, streamlining their online shop functionalities.
  • SEO and More: The theme isn’t just SEO-ready. It also offers online courses to help furniture store owners optimize their website for search engines.
  • Optimal Viewing: Whether viewed on a desktop or mobile, the theme offers a seamless shopping experience, crucial for any online furniture store on the Shopware platform.

Billing options:


  •  € 347.90


  • 30 days for free

Wrapping Up

Building an online furniture store with Shopware? Well, that’s a smart choice. Shopware is like the sturdy frame of a couch – solid, reliable, and built to last. That means you’ve got the foundation right. So, what next? Think of IT Delight as the cushioning; we ensure comfort and ensure everything feels just right. Plus, with the evolving eCommerce landscape, you need experts by your side. 

Do you know what can make your journey smoother? Maybe with a touch of professional insight? Thus, as you plan your next steps, consider partnering with IT Delight. We’re here, ready to help. Let’s make your online furniture shop a cozy corner everyone wants to visit.