Magento 2 speed optimization

Magento 2 Speed Optimization is a crucial aspect of any online store, as it directly impacts customer experience and influences the overall performance of the website.

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    Driving performance, enhancing experience

    Uncover the secrets to a faster Magento store. Learn how speed optimization boosts conversions, SEO, and overall user experience.

    Extensions come in many forms — from themes that change the look and feel of your store, to plugins that add functionality or automate certain processes. Custom Magento extensions are a powerful way to enhance the capabilities of your Magento store. They can be used to add new features and functionalities, or modify existing ones as well as to customize the look and feel of your store.

    About Magento speed optimization

    Magento offers a range of tools and techniques to ensure that your site loads as quickly as possible.

    Drop in bounce rates

    According to Google, bounce rates rise by 32% when page load times go from one to three seconds.


    Rise in client satisfaction 

    Loyalty is also impacted by Magento 2 loading times, with one second of delay resulting in a 16% drop in satisfaction.


    Increased conversions

    Every additional second that a website takes to load reduces conversion rates by an average of 2.11%, according to HubSpot.

    What we do

    Here is what we do to boost your online sales.
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    Magento performance optimization

    This service ensures that your site runs smoothly and quickly so that your customers can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

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    Magento theme or extension optimization

    Our team of experts can customize and optimize your themes and extensions so that they fit perfectly with the design and functionality of your website.

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    Database performance optimization

    This ensures that everything from product details to customer information is loaded quickly and without any interruptions.

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    Advanced caching

    Our advanced caching services can help speed up the loading time of your website by utilizing powerful caches to store frequently used data so that it is readily available for future requests.

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    Step-by-step optimization process

    In our optimization process, we won’t miss a single detail. Check it out yourself!

    Primary technical
    audit of the site

    A technical audit of your website gives us an understanding of any problems, errors or vulnerabilities that could be affecting your online performance. 

    We take the time to review every aspect of your website: server configurations, page speed and loading times, mobile optimization, navigation structure, and more. 

    Once we have a complete understanding of where your website stands, we develop a report that outlines any opportunities for improvement and offer recommendations on how to address them.



    We design a tailored plan that meets your specific needs. We offer three options when it comes to our optimization services: full technical optimization, targeted optimization, or following your own suggestions. 

    Our team of professionals can provide expert advice and ensure that your website is working to its full potential. But if you have specific areas that need attention, we can tailor the optimization process accordingly.


    Implementation of

    Once you approve the suggestions, we start implementing them in a phased approach. First, changes are deployed on a test site so that you can review the result before transferring it to production. 

    With this method, we ensure that any issues are addressed upfront and your website is running smoothly from day one.


    and analytics

    The final step in the performance optimization process with us is support and analytics.  Our experts are always at hand to monitor your website’s performance and provide timely recommendations on how to make the most of Magento optimization. 

    Should you need it, we can also help you implement these strategies for even faster and better results. We are committed to helping your business reach its goals through performance optimization and will always be here ready to provide professional support.

    What are the results of Magento speed optimization?

    When you optimize your Magento store speed with us, you can expect to see many positive changes.
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    Enhanced user experience

    Customers will enjoy faster page loading times, smoother navigation and more options when choosing what they want to buy.

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    Higher conversion rates

    With improved speed, customers are more likely to stay on your website for longer periods of time and convert into paying customers.

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    Improved page loading speed

    Pages will take less time to render and display the necessary information so that customers can browse within seconds.

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    Decreased bounce rate

    With our optimization services, customers will be able to access information quickly and easily, resulting in a decrease in bounce rate.

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     Magento Performance Audit

    Shopware b2b content

    At IT Delight, we know that a well-performing Magento store is essential for the success of your business. That’s why we offer free performance audits – short and detailed auditing services to identify any issues related to your online store. 

    Our team will carefully analyze your website and find potential bugs, bottlenecks, and other issues that may be hindering your store’s performance. We will make a detailed report of our findings so you can work on eliminating any problems and get the most out of your Magento store.

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    Emergency Optimization Support

    Our emergency optimization support is designed to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently, even in the most urgent situations. We provide comprehensive services that can help you quickly identify and resolve software or hardware issues before they cause disruption.

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    Ongoing Optimization Support

    You’ll get ongoing assistance in monitoring and troubleshooting your systems to ensure they remain running at peak performance. We provide regular maintenance services as well as proactive advice on how to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure.

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    Mobile Optimization

    We offer expertise in optimizing performance, configuration, and security of mobile devices. With our support, you’ll be able to enjoy the latest features and updates without compromising on security or user experience.

    Ready to optimize your site?

    Are you looking to maximize the potential of your Shopware 6 store? With our Shopware SEO services, you can take your shop to the next level and tap into a larger market.

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    Magento speed content
    Magento speed content
    Magento speed content
    Magento speed content
    Image size optimization and compression
    Image lazy load implementation
    Font delivery optimization
    Merge and cache CSS and JS
    Gzip compression
    Combine, Prioritization, & minification of CSS and JavaScript files
    Website & Browser Caching setup and/or configuration
    Apache .htaccess or Nginx virtual host optimization
    Website/CSS optimization
    HTML Minify
    PHP tuning and configuration
    HTTP/2 speed-up (Required SSL certificate)
    Magento platform configuration
    Removal of unused code
    Set and/or Reduction in http(s) requests
    Website theme optimizations
    Third-party analytics optimizations
    Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup
    Setup Redis for page cache and session storage
    Use Elasticsearch on catalog pages and search
    UX & UI optimizations
    Magento block cache optimization
    MySQL server and database tables tuning
    Database tables and magento logs clean-up
    Varnish cache warm-up tool installation
    Host Migration
    Server software configuration
    Magento Scripts & Code Optimization
    Webserver resource monitoring tool installation

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      Our projects

      Here are some of our most successful projects.

      Enseleit | Magento & Hyvä Migration


      Lager24 | Magento 2 Development & APIs Integration


      Trauring Spezialisten | Magento Migration & Speed Optimization

      One month
      To speed up the client’s Magento 2-based store, we implemented lazy loading, optimized fonts, CSS & JS, removed unused modules, and applied other techniques.

      Zolota Kraina | Magento Migration & Speed Optimization

      1 year
      Request A Sample’ System Expanded Carrier Options Mailgun Integration
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      Reviews of our clients

      Below you can read what our clients say about us.
      Client avatar
      Owner, Medical Supplies Company

      Arnold Friend

      Thanks to ITDelight’s work, the client saw an immediate improvement in website loading times, better UX, fewer errors, and overall satisfaction with the online store. The team’s workflow was smooth and efficient throughout the project. Their attention to detail and level of expertise was impressive.
      Client avatar
      CTO, Retail Marketing Company

      Ronald Rutt

      As a result of the website speed optimization, customer loyalty increased and IT maintenance and support costs were reduced, thanks to ITDelight’s efforts. Their workflow was seamless and efficient. The client was satisfied with the team’s work and plans to work with them again in the future.


      How can I tell if my website has slowed down?

      If you’re worried that your website may have slowed down, there are a few signs to look out for. One way to check is by keeping track of your page load times. If the speed drops significantly, it could be an indication that something needs attention. 

      What causes Magento 2’s lag?

      Magento 2’s lag can be caused by several factors, such as old plugins and extensions, excessive database queries or heavy JavaScripts running on your site. Fortunately, these issues can be addressed through optimization processes like caching and minifying CSS and JS files.

      Is it feasible to improve the backend?

      It is indeed feasible to improve the backend of Magento 2 with the help of experienced developers who understand the platform’s architecture very well. However, before any changes are made, you should always back up your site in case anything goes wrong.

      Will my website be unresponsive or run slowly while it is being optimized?

      While optimization is taking place, your website may become a bit unresponsive or run more slowly than usual. This is to be expected, as the process can take some time depending on the complexity of the task at hand.

      At this point, may my website crash? Then, what will happen?

      In most cases, there is no risk of your website crashing during the optimization process. However, if there are any underlying problems that were not addressed beforehand, it could lead to an interruption. If this occurs, our team will work closely with you to ensure that all issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

      How quickly will my site load following Magento speed optimization?

      With our optimization, you can expect a significant increase in loading speeds. In most cases, websites experience loading speeds up to 10 times faster than before.

      Once optimization has been completed, you should expect to see marked improvement in page load times right away! Your customers will enjoy faster loading speeds and smoother browsing experiences, leading to higher engagement and more conversions.

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