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The IT Delight creates customized shopware extensions. Being an official Shopware partner, we know this sphere inside out and can provide flexible solutions with custom logic.

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    Shopware Plugin Development Services in Short

    Watch a video about Shopware plugin development services to get a better understanding.

    Discover the potential of custom plugin development for your Shopware platform with IT Delight’s insightful video. We showcase our expertise in building bespoke Shopware plugins that can empower your e-commerce business with additional features and enhancements.

    Why order Shopware plugin development?

    Still wondering if you need a Shopware plugin? Check the stats below:

    36,575 LIVE STORES

    Thousands of businesses are running on the Shopware platform.

    3,500+ EXTENSIONS

    Shopware also has a huge number of different plugins with rich functionality.


    A big share of online stores in Germany use Shopware as the main provider.

    What we offer as a Shopware plugin developer

    Here is what your business can get from us.
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    Fully custom development

    We create customized extensions, ensuring high performance, flexibility, and safety.

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    Configuration included

    Our services include configuration according to the style and requirements of the site.

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    Connecting add-ons

    The serial expansion allows merchants to add features and enhance the functionality of their stores.

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    Upgrade and support

    We ensure ongoing support and check everything we upgrade so that your store works smoothly.

    Get more customers with our plugins

    If you want to reap the benefits of a custom Shopware
    plugin for your e-store, get in touch with us now.

    The benefits of Shopware plugin development

    Plugin development will take your business to the next level.
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      Shopware 6 plugins allow for easy scalability, helping you to grow and adapt your business quickly.

    • 2

      Extended functionality

      Plugins offer extra capabilities and features that make the platform more user-friendly.

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      Improved interface

      Shopware plugins can help improve the user experience by providing an enhanced, more intuitive interface.

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      Easy integration

      Shopware plugins are designed to be compatible with other software, making integration much simpler.

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      Top-notch security

      Plugins provide robust protection from hackers and malware, keeping customers’ data secure.

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      Revenue growth

      Shopware plugins can help increase sales, delivering more customers and greater profits.

    Types of plugins we develop

    We create plugins for different needs and purposes.
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    SEO plugins

    These plugins help optimize the online store for search engines, improving visibility and search engine rankings. They may include features such as customizable meta tags, URL structures, and sitemaps.

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    Payment plugins

    Payment plugins enable the integration of various payment methods into the online store, making it easy for customers to pay for their purchases. These may include credit card processing, PayPal, and other popular payment options.

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    Migration plugins

    Migration plugins facilitate the transfer of data from other e-commerce platforms to Shopware. This can include products, orders, customer data, and more.

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    Marketing plugins

    Marketing plugins help businesses promote their products and services, increasing visibility and driving sales. These may include tools for email marketing, social media integration, and affiliate marketing.

    Get your Shopware plugin

    We will start working on a Shopware plugin for your business just after you contact us. Feel free to reach out to us.
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    Security plugins

    Security plugins help protect the online store from cyber threats, such as hacking and malware. They may include features such as firewall protection, malware scanning, and security audits.

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    Site maps plugins

    Site maps plugins help ensure that search engines can easily crawl and index the online store’s pages. They create a map of the site’s structure, making it easier for search engines to understand how the site is organized.

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    Forms and mails plugins

    Forms and mails plugins enable businesses to create and manage contact forms, newsletters, and other email communications with customers. They may include features such as customizable templates and automated email sequences.

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    Design plugins

    Design plugins offer additional customization options for the online store’s appearance, such as custom templates and themes, layout options, and typography.

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    Admin plugins

    Admin plugins provide additional functionality for managing the online store, such as advanced reporting and analytics, user permissions, and workflow automation. They can help streamline the store’s operations and improve efficiency.

    Our projects

    Below you can see the examples of our Shopware projects.
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    Give a Hint

    This plugin is designed to help customers share their desired products with friends and loved ones in a discreet and thoughtful way. With just a few clicks, customers can send an email with a link to the desired product, allowing recipients to easily shop for a perfect gift without the awkwardness of direct requests.

    Download now
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    Promotion plugin

    It is designed to help online stores attract new customers by offering them an irresistible discount. With the plugin, you can easily manage and distribute a 5% discount code to all first-time customers. Once installed, the plugin automatically sends an email notification to new customers, making it a seamless and hassle-free process.

    Reviews of our clients

    Here’s what our clients have to say about cooperation with IT Delight.
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    CEO, IT Company

    Torsten Eggers

    The client described their partnership with ITDelight as a resounding success. Thanks to the vendor’s contributions, they were able to craft an e-commerce solution that is both secure and easy for customers to use. The Magento development services also surpassed their highest expectations.
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    Kristian Kuefer

    We worked with IT Delight for three months. We hired the team for custom Shopware plugin development for our website. We were impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of IT Delight’s team. They approached our project with great care and examined our website in great detail before creating a plan for the work process. All in all, it was a great experience working with IT Delight. Thanks to them, our website now has extended functionality and we are able to provide better user experience for our customers.


    What is a Shopware plugin?

    A Shopware plugin is essentially a bit of code that can be added to your existing Shopware store in order to add new features and capabilities. The plugin could be something as simple as a new payment gateway or a more complex set of custom functions. With Shopware plugins, you can create a customised shopping experience for your customers and add a personal touch to your store. Plugins can also make it easier to manage inventory and orders, as well as allowing for integration with other services and platforms. All in all, Shopware plugins are useful tools that can help improve the efficiency of your online shop.

    Why is it important to create custom Shopware store plugins?

    Creating custom Shopware store plugins is important because it allows you to customize your store in a way that is unique and custom-tailored to the specific needs of your business. With custom Shopware store plugins, you can expand the functionality of your store and make it easier for customers to purchase items from your store. You can also add features that help to improve the user experience, such as displaying product recommendations or offering discounts for repeat customers. With custom Shopware store plugins, the possibilities are endless!

    What ready-made plugins are already available to me?

    If you’re using Shopware, then our company has got your back! We have a range of ready-made plugins to make your life easier. Our plugins are designed to provide you with extra features and functionality, with a few clicks of your mouse.

    Can I buy a ready-made Shopware 6 plugin?

    We believe that it’s always better to order a customized plugin that’s tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. That way, you can be sure that the plugin you get is exactly what you need. Plus, our skilled developers can help you get the most out of your plugin and ensure that it works perfectly with your Shopware store. So if you’re looking for a Shopware plugin, let us help you create the perfect one!

    What is the difference between a Shopware plugin and an application?

    A Shopware plugin is a piece of software that adds specific features or functionality to your existing Shopware installation. For example, you might use a plugin to add a new payment gateway or add a custom shipping option. On the other hand, an application is a standalone piece of software that integrates with your Shopware installation. These applications can extend the capabilities of Shopware itself and provide even more features or functionalities for your customers.

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