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Top 13  Shopware Plugins That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Plugins are crucial for an online shop since they enhance the store’s usability, performance, and aesthetics. These eCommerce plugins will allow you to expand the capabilities of your online shop (read more about must-have features for your store). Using plugins, you may provide a far better experience for your customers, whether you are using Magento e-commerce development services or Shopware. The primary goal of installing add-ons and modules is to increase the store’s effectiveness and productivity.

Shopware backup plugin

By making use of plugins, you can make a backup without worrying about the platform’s update’s technical details. By just pressing a few buttons and setting a few parameters, you can upgrade the framework without taking any risks. And, if required, restore everything to how it was.

shopware backup plugin

Backup by SWPA

€ 149.00 

By regularly duplicating and keeping your database or selected files on a remote, local server (through FTP or SFTP) or on Amazon S3, this add-on safeguards your store against the loss of critical information. 

There are several backup options: 

  • Database replication 
  • Backup of databases and media 
  • Protection of the System 
  • No media backup 

For saving the backups, you have the following choices: 

  • locally on a server 
  • on a distant server using FTP 
  • on a distant server via SFTP S3 
  • Amazon S3 


  • Simple to operate 
  • Control the number and timing of backups. 
  • Secure, routine, and automated backups 
  • Manual back-ups 
  • Automatic removal of old backups 
  • IP whitelist and auto maintenance mode

EKW Element Backup: Automatic recovery of elements by Machart Studios GmbH

€ 39.90

The more plugins you use, the more opportunities you have to make your online store fun and unique. However, there is one slight issue that you face when you work with technology – it can malfunction. For example, when you update or uninstall a plugin (with the intention of reinstalling it), you may lose all of the elements and settings of that plugin. EKW Element Backup works to prevent that.

The way it works is that it keeps a backup of all the elements from your plugins. There are no space or time limitations with this plugin Shopware, so your backups will be saved until you decide otherwise. The only thing you need to do is make sure the data from every plugin will not be deleted. You can select that option in the dialog box when you’re uninstalling or updating a plugin.


  • Easy to use
  • Save all settings and elements from plugins
  • Unlimited backups
  • Backup files do not expire

Shopware SEO plugin

Search engine optimization is a big part of the success of any website. You can have the best content, but people won’t be able to find it. Through search engine optimization, you can improve your rankings and increase traffic. A Shopware SEO plugin can aid in making your content easy to find and consume. 

shopware seo plugin

SEO Professional by Dreischild GmbH

€ 249

SEO Professional is geared towards improving your search engine rankings. It does so through tools like meta tags, SERP preview, product and category bulk generator, and redirects. SERP preview, for example, will tell you what your website will look like in a Google search. Based on that information, you can make it more appealing to your audience. 

Writing meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs is an annoying task. Sometimes you just don’t know what to write to make them both interesting and accurate. SEO Professional can take that tedious task off your hands!


  • Meta tags
  • SERP preview
  • Product and category bulk generator
  • 301 and 302 URL redirects

Optimize PageSpeed by WeeDesign

€ 89

Research shows that website visitors will often leave a page if it doesn’t load fast enough. We’re talking about 2 or 3 seconds, not minutes! If you’ve not been taking your page loading speed seriously, it’s about time to start. This plugin will help you with that. Optimize PageSpeed will do exactly what the title promises – decrease the loading time and create a better experience for your website visitors. It does so with the help of lazy loading, code reduction, and HTML output compression.


  • HTML, CSS, and JS minify
  • Lazy loading
  • File compression
  • Cache control
  • Expires header

Shopware security plugin

When you’re handling customers’ personal information, sensitive payment details, and more, the security of your website is incredibly important. Without a strong security system, you may be susceptible to cyber attacks and fraud. A Shopware security plugin will keep your customers safe on the internet.

shopware security plugin

Shopware 6 Security Plugin by Shopware AG


Oftentimes, when a security gap is identified, it cannot be closed right away; you need to schedule an update. This Shopware 6 Security Plugin can take care of that. It searches for security gaps and closes them immediately. You don’t need to wait for the next scheduled update to make sure your website is safe. Because each individual update is small, it doesn’t take as long as a major security update. 


Quick and automatic protection

Security gaps are closed immediately

Security Headers by Campit

€ 30

Security Headers is a solution that can add an extra layer of security on top of your current system. Applying security headers to individual storefront routes will protect them from cyber threats like cross-site scripting and clickjacking. If you use a Shopware PayPal plugin, for example, you will certainly need some extra payment protection.


  • Security headers, such as content-security-policy-report-only and permissions-policy
  • Protection against cross-site scripting and clickjacking

Shopware blog plugin

You don’t need to be a fashion or lifestyle-focused website to have a blog. In fact, most e-commerce businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of blogging. Even eCommerce development companies have blogs! It is a great way to bring attention to your brand, improve search rankings, and share some valuable information about your products. These Shopware 6 extensions will help you optimize for SEO and format in an appealing way.

shopware blog plugin

Blog/Magazine by Shop Studio

€ 99

This Shopware 6 plugin by Shop Studio focuses on blog management. It will help you plan your content and make it readable. With customizable building blocks, you can structure your content in any way that you like. Create unlimited blog posts and sort through them in the most convenient way for you. You are invited to employ different content formats, such as YouTube videos and product lists, along with our classic text and images. 


  • Blog management
  • Content building blocks
  • Language filters
  • SEO tools
  • Blog scheduling
  • ElasticSearch 
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Sitemaps
  • Field customization

Hide sold-out products SEO-friendly by Swkweb

€ 99.90

It is very frustrating to keep seeing people click off your page right as they were about to buy something. Sometimes that happens because the product they were looking for turns out to be sold out. They wouldn’t have clicked on your website on the first page if Google didn’t direct them there. The solution is this Shopware plugin that will hide all the sold-out products.

As soon as a certain product is sold-out, the plugin will automatically hide it from view. This way you will not receive website visitors looking for something you don’t have, thus decreasing the rate of disappointment. You will also avoid redirecting your customers to a 404 error page because the product is sold-out but still exists in your Shopware system.


  • Adjust product availability automatically 
  • Customize your settings
  • Create exceptions

Shopware 6 migration plugin

As a rule of thumb, you should always thrive to use the latest system available. In this case, migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is essential. Of course, if you’d like to move from a completely different platform, like Magento, you can do that too. Besides, Shopware 6 plugin development is on the rise. These migration plugins will help you!

shopware migration plugin

Migration Assistant by shopware AG


Migration Assistant will help you move your data sets from the platform you’re using now to Shopware 6. The plugin will create a connection between the two platforms and coach you on what to do to transfer all the data sets. Migration Assistant will let you know if there is any data set that cannot be transferred for whatever reason.


  • Step-by-step migration guidance
  • Easy transition
  • Auto-save
  • Pre-transition data check

Magento Migration Profile by shopware AG


This extension is meant to be used with Shopware 6 Migration Assistant. It will help you transfer your data from Magento 1.9x or 2.0-2.3 to Shopware 6. The plugin will offer step-by-step instructions on transferring your shop data from one platform to the other. In the process, you can decide which data sets to transfer and which to put aside. 

The Shopware 6 migration plugin gives a clear overview of which data sets can be transferred with the help of Magento Migration Profile. Those include shop properties, category structures, product ratings, customer data, manufacturers, address data, customer ID numbers, and more.


  • Migration from Magento to Shopware 6
  • Migrate select data sets
  • Step-by-step instructions

When you collect customer data, you need to be transparent with your website visitors. The use of so-called cookies can improve your customer experience and help you make it more personalized for each viewer.

shopware coolkie plugin

€ 10

The Shopware plugin store presents Cookie Info – a plugin that will help you inform website visitors about your cookies policy. Transparency in these matters makes you more trustworthy. The plugin enables you to display your cookie information in the header or footer of the page. The text can provide a link to your data protection information to ensure customers you are not sharing their personal information with anyone. The plugin is easy to use and does not require any programming skills on your end.


  • Display cookie information
  • Provide a link to data protection information
  • Customize your cookie information with ease

€ 49

Your cookie consent script will depend on your cookie provider. Shopware has a default cookie consent setting. You can disable it with the help of Disable Shopware Cookie Consent. Use a different provider that feels more genuine to your brand or simply offers better phrasing. This extension is very straight-forward and easy to use.


  • Disable Shopware’s default cookie consent
  • Use a 3rd party cookie provider for your website

Shopware affiliate plugin

An affiliate plugin allows you to create your own affiliate program on Shopware. Affiliate marketing has proven to be hugely successful in the western world. You can use an affiliate plugin to increase sales, improve brand awareness, appeal to new markets, and attract more visitors to your brand’s blog

shopware affiliate plugin


iDevAffiliate is a Shopware affiliate plugin. The plugin provides step-by-step instructions for installation and onboarding. It will only take you a few minutes to create your own affiliate program. The plugin promises to help you appeal to customers through social media platforms and SEO tools. With a strong team of affiliate marketers, you can engage with more potential customers and increase sales. Data analytics will help you see where you fall short and redeem the situation immediately. 


  • SEO tools
  • Data analytics
  • Social media management
  • Commission structure
  • Tier system
  • Recruitment system
  • Cloud and self-hosted options


If you want to facetune your Shopware store, there is a big number of Shopware extensions you can implement. Each one has a purpose. A Shopware blog plugin will make blog writing a breeze, while a Shopware cookie plugin will ensure your website visitors are well-informed about your cookies policy. Visit the Shopware plugin shop to view all the categories. Whether you’re looking for a CMS extension for Shopware 6, or a Shopware 6 sicherheits-plugin, you will find it there. And, if you don’t know where to start, IT Delight can help you with the development of your website, be it Shopware or Magento services.