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The IT Delight offers a wide range of Magento development services.
We are focused on Magento e-commerce development. Do you want to enter the world of eCommerce? Migrate to Magento 2? Need an expert hand from a Magento developer?

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    Building powerful, scalable online stores

    Discover the magic behind creating robust Magento stores. Watch how our team crafts customized e-commerce solutions that drive growth.
    • An open-source platform
    • A range of useful features
    • Great business scalability
    • High built-in security

    Brands created with Magento

    Magento eCommerce development has been used by some of the world’s top brands. See a list of them below.
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    Our Magento development services

    With our wide range of Magento services, including custom plugin and theme creation, PWA development, and data migration, IT Delight is always ready to help!

    Magento support

    Ongoing maintenance and technical support services for Magento stores.

    Magento migration

    Migration of existing eСommerce stores to the Magento platform with data transfer and customization.

    Extension development

    Development of custom extensions to enhance the functionality of Magento stores.

    Hyva theme development

    Development of custom themes using Hyva framework to create responsive Magento stores.

    Magento B2B development

    Development of custom B2B solutions and features for Magento stores.

    Magento web design

    Creation of visually appealing and user-friendly designs for Magento stores.

    Magento SEO services

    Optimization of Magento stores for search engines to improve online visibility and attract more organic traffic.

    Magento speed optimization

    Optimization of Magento stores for faster page load times and better user experience.

    Magento consulting

    Professional advice and guidance on best practices for Magento development, optimization, and growth.

    What you get from Magento development services

    Read how Magento eCommerce development services can benefit your business.
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    A personalized business that is easy to grow

    Magento empowers businesses to create personalized, unique experiences that are easy to scale. You can quickly tailor your store to your customers’ needs, offering a customized experience that will keep them coming back. You can easily build campaigns and promotions around specific products or services to increase conversions, take advantage of targeted marketing tools, and optimize customer engagement.

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    All of your business needs met with a single interface

    Whether you’re a B2B getting ready to go D2C or a B2C managing numerous brands in 10 different languages, Magento makes it easy to do all of this from a single platform, even while expanding into new nations.

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    Intelligence from the best AI in the business

    Magento’s Intelligent Commerce platform is designed to help your business grow and thrive. It combines the power of AI, machine learning, big data, and predictive analytics to help you make data-driven decisions that drive growth. With this platform, you’ll be able to understand customer behavior, anticipate their needs, and maximize conversions.

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    Fast incorporation of new technologies

    With Magento, you can quickly incorporate the latest technologies into your business. This means that you’re always one step ahead of the game when it comes to staying competitive in a rapidly changing world. From mobile optimization and cloud-based services to advanced analytics capabilities, Magento will give you an edge over other businesses who haven’t adapted as quickly.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Order our Magento development services now and unlock the potential of your e-commerce store!

    We are trusted

    As a Magento development agency, we have worked closely with many clients to create a perfect online store for their business.
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    Benefits of Magento Development

    If you still have doubts about Magento e-commerce solutions, below are some of their major benefits.
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    Efficient ecommerce development platform

    With its highly intuitive interface, developers can easily customize their stores with powerful features such as product catalogs, customer accounts, payment options, shipping methods, promotions and marketing tools.

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    Rich features

    Magento comes with built-in SEO capabilities. It also supports multiple languages and currencies, while offering a wide selection of payment gateways and shipping options. Its easy-to-use CMS allows you to quickly create, manage, and update product information, promotions and discount codes.

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    Highly scalable and responsive

    Magento is built with flexibility in mind; it can easily scale up or down according to the needs of your business. This means that you don’t need to worry about investing heavily in costly hardware solutions as your store grows.

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    High security

    Magento comes with an extensive set of tools to help you manage user access, configure passwords, and encrypt data for secure storage in the database. Furthermore, its built-in fraud prevention features help identify suspicious activity on your store and stop it before any damage can be done.

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    Confidence in the face of change

    Magento is designed to handle major changes with ease, allowing you to quickly adapt to market trends without worrying about making significant alterations to your store’s codebase or architecture.

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    Experience Cloud

    Magento allows you to easily integrate third-party services, such as analytics and marketing automation tools, into your store. This means that you can gain insight into key metrics in order to better understand customer behaviour and make informed decisions.

    Don’t wait, order now!

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    Magento development stages

    Here is how we create your Magento store step-by-step.
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    • 1

      Analysis and planning

      This stage entails comprehensive research and data analysis followed by prototyping procedures. Then, we present you with a commercial proposal featuring our strategy.

    • 2

      General outline of the project

      Our second step involves creating a general scheme for your project. We arrange a consultation with you to discuss all your requirements, so our specialists can design an ideal framework for the store.

    • 3

      Development process

      Now our experts dive deep into coding, creating plugins and modules, and optimizing the store. Once this is completed, we move into integration and testing to ensure everything works as expected.

    • 4

      Integration and testing

      Our team performs a comprehensive review and series of tests to ensure that all aspects of the store are working properly. We want to verify that everything is functioning correctly.

    • 5

      Store launch

      Once we have verified that everything is functioning correctly, the store is ready for launch. At IT Delight we provide high-quality Magento development services that meet our clients’ expectations.

    • 6

      Post-launch support

      Our team provides post-launch support and maintenance services. These include real-time monitoring, recommendations on updates, and making sure security measures are up-to-date. 

    Why choose us

    Here are the main reasons why you should choose IT Delight.


    At IT Delight, we strive to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. We have a team of experienced professionals with extensive experience in IT solutions and customer service. Our commitment to delivering quality products and services is unwavering.


    We take pride in ensuring that each project is given individual attention to ensure it meets our high standards. Our staff are always on hand to offer technical advice and respond quickly to any queries you may have regarding your project or product. When you choose us, you can be confident that no effort will be spared in providing the best solution for your needs.


    We understand that excellent customer service is essential, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure we meet your expectations every time. With our responsive and helpful support, you can be sure of a smooth and stress-free experience.

    Reviews of our clients

    Below you can read what our clients say about us.
    Client avatar
    Head of Business Development, IT Consulting Company

    Ignat Bessarab

    The client’s customers have been consistently satisfied, thanks to ITDelight’s proactive and solutions-based approach to the development. The team is highly communicative, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their delivery velocity and project transparency.
    Client avatar
    Project Manager, ScienceSoft

    Dmitry Trus

    ITDelight has delivered an e-commerce solution using best practices. The team is always in touch and quickly responds to all questions and requests. Their smooth communication and professionalism stand out.

    Our Magento projects

    Below you can get familiar with our projects.

    Aphid Consulting | Magento Commerce Cloud Development

    July 2020 – Currently ongoing
    Our team of Magento 2 certified developers customized Magento Commerce Cloud to the client’s requirements and integrated it with multiple operational systems

    Zolota Kraina | Magento Migration & Speed Optimization

    1 year
    Request A Sample’ System Expanded Carrier Options Mailgun Integration

    11 Rooms | Magento Design & Development


    Trauring Spezialisten | Magento Migration & Speed Optimization

    One month
    To speed up the client’s Magento 2-based store, we implemented lazy loading, optimized fonts, CSS & JS, removed unused modules, and applied other techniques.

    Enseleit | Magento & Hyvä Migration


    Lager24 | Magento 2 Development & APIs Integration

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    What Is Magento development?

    Magento development is a process of building and designing e-commerce websites on the open-source Magento platform. It includes customizing existing themes, creating new themes, integrating extensions and modules, setting up payment gateways, configuring shipping systems, and other related activities.

    What are the benefits of choosing an open-source platform?

    Choosing an open-source platform like Magento offers many advantages such as cost savings from not having to license software solutions; flexibility in customization; scalability and compatibility with several different technologies; collaboration between developers for better results; rapid deployment due to its modular architecture; and access to thousands of free extension modules and templates.

    What is Magento development service best for?

    Magento development service is best suited for businesses that are looking to build a comprehensive e-commerce solution with features such as product management, customer relationship management, order processing, payment gateway integration and automated shipping systems. It also offers powerful marketing tools and mobile commerce capabilities.

    How much does a Magento website development cost?

    The cost of a Magento website development project depends on the complexity of the required features and the time it takes to develop them.

    I am looking for a platform for my business, can you help me decide?
    Yes, of course! We would be more than happy to discuss your project requirements and provide our recommendations. Please contact us for a free consultation.

    Is it possible to make a website from scratch?

    Yes, it is possible to build a website from scratch using the Magento platform. This requires expert knowledge in programming languages such as HTML/CSS, PHP and MySQL as well as expertise with the Magento architecture itself.

    I already have a website, is it possible to migrate it to Magento?

    Yes, migrating an existing website to Magento is definitely possible. It generally involves data transfer services to move over products, customers and orders, customizing a theme to match the original design and making sure all existing features are carried over.

    Do you develop extensions for a Magento site?

    Yes, we do offer extension development services as well. Depending on your particular requirements, we can customize existing extensions or build new ones from scratch.

    Do you do Magento app development?

    Yes, we provide mobile app development solutions for both Android and iOS devices. Our team of experienced developers will ensure that the apps are highly secure and optimized for performance. We also offer Progressive Web App (PWA) solutions which allow users to access your website from their own device without needing to download an application.

    Is it possible to make a unique customized website for my requirements?

    Yes, we can develop a custom website that meets all of your specific needs. We will work with you to create a unique design and structure according to the exact specifications of your project. Our team has extensive experience in designing visually appealing websites that are also optimized for performance and user experience.

    How to ensure the security of the site and data about my customers?

    All customer data is stored in a secure, encrypted environment as well as using industry-leading technologies such as SSL/TLS encryption for data transmission. We also perform regular security scanning and audits to make sure that our system is secure and that customer data remains safe.

    What should I do if I need help with using Magento?

    If you need help with Magento, our support team is here to help. You can reach us by creating a ticket on our website or calling us directly. Our experienced support staff are available to answer any questions you may have and provide helpful advice on the best way to use Magento.

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