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Zolota Kraina is a top-tier jewelry retailer in Ukraine with numerous brick-and-mortar stores nationwide and a robust online presence. Our key services for them included Magento migration and speed optimization, enhancing their online shopping experience.

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    About project

    Our client, Zolota Kraina, a prominent jewelry retailer in Ukraine with both physical stores and an online presence, approached us with several key objectives. They wanted to merge their two e-commerce websites into a single Magento 2 store due to Adobe's discontinuation of support for Magento 1.x in June 2020. Ensuring the continued smooth operation of their online stores was a top priority. We also aimed to improve website performance, targeting a twofold increase in page speed. Additionally, we planned to enhance stock, customer, and order management for both online and offline aspects of their business through a comprehensive IT infrastructure. Lastly, the client sought the development of a global customer loyalty program and a progressive web app.

    About project


    The legacy billing system was outdated and posed the following critical:

    • Poor performance, resulting in slow processing and rating times and delayed user alert;
    • Lack of flexibility of invoice management, billing, and product setup;
    • Insufficient automation of rating and invoicing processes;
    • Poor integration of the web portal with the billing system via multiple APIs, hindering their communication.


    ITDelight developed a new BRS to replace the existing solution, as well as set up effective collaboration processes between the customer’s and our teams.

    • Combined two Magento 1 e-commerce websites into one store Migrated the new store to Magento;
    • Improved the online store’s integration with the client’s ERP system, which resulted in better stock, customer, and order management;
    • Developed a global customer loyalty program Increased the website’s page speed by 2.5 times (which exceeded the client expectations);
    • Helped the client to optimize its hosting costs;
    • Developed a PWA and published it to the app stores.

    4 engineers
    1 QA
    1 PM
    1 UI/UX designer
    1 Content manager


    From July 2020


    Combining two Magento 1 stores into one
    Speed Optimization
    Magento Migration
    Integration with the client's ERP system
    Optimization of hosting costs

    The result

    ITDelight overcame legacy billing system challenges by introducing a new Billing and Rating System (BRS). This included consolidating two Magento 1 e-commerce websites into one store, migrating to Magento 2, and improving ERP integration for more efficient management. We developed a global customer loyalty program, significantly increased page speed, optimized hosting costs, and launched a Progressive Web App for a better user experience.

    The result

    Product catalog

    As part of the Zolota Kraina project, we’ve redesigned the product catalog, creating a user-friendly and intuitive platform with convenient filters. This revamp makes product searches more efficient and enhances the overall shopping experience.

    Mobile view

    Our mobile optimization ensures an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional interface, providing enhanced accessibility for users on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets).


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