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Ceres Cottage aims to provide a first-class experience for severe golfers, emphasizing an attractive design and an easy-to-use, flexible booking system. Our team successfully achieved these goals with experienced WordPress developers, developing visual components integrated with an automated booking system to optimize customer interaction.

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    About project

    Ceres Cottage is intended for serious golfers and those who want to advance the game. They know and understand how challenging it is to provide golfers with a premium experience and plan to do the same at Ceres Cottage.

    About project


    The client’s task was to create an attractive design with the vibe of the heart of USA golf – Pinehurst village. And the reservation system should be super easy to manage and super flexible. All aspects of the site, starting from the font and content, should give the feeling of the golf spirit and relaxed atmosphere in a wonderful house.


    Our team developed the site’s design and visual components in accordance with the client’s wishes – to combine functionality and a specific vibe to provide the best service to clients. The automated booking system was designed to allow booking processing and customer communication in a couple of clicks.


    1x Frontend Developer
    1x Backend Developer
    1x Project Manager
    1x QA


    2 months


    Reservation System

    The result

    We successfully coped with the client's task of creating an attractive design while ensuring ease of management and flexibility of the reservation system. The team carefully designed visual components that embody the spirit of golf and a relaxed atmosphere, seamlessly blending functionality with the desired ambiance.

    The result


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    Another project we built with Leisure One Client in coworking: Söl’ring Hof, a complex and attractive multilingual WordPress website designed for a prestigious 5-star hotel. WordPress Development included additional features, such as integrating an online booking system and a gift voucher function.

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    About project

    The project was migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2 in 2019. Since then he has been in our support. In 2023 it was successfully transferred to Hyvä.

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