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Shopware 6 Plugin Give a Hint is designed to improve customer interaction and help them suggest the desired gift from your store. The IT Delight team ensured a smooth installation and configuration process, improving user experience and increasing sales.

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    About project

    The "Give a Hint" plugin boosts customer engagement by allowing users to directly suggest products to friends and family from the product page. This innovative feature facilitates marketing, increasing the likelihood of product discovery and purchase.

    About project


    The main challenge was to develop and integrate the “Give a Hint” plugin into Shopware and the Shopware Store without breaking existing features and ensuring that it fits perfectly with the store’s design and user interface. Given the variety of themes and settings across Shopware stores, it was critical to ensure compatibility and ease of use across settings.


    The IT Delight team took on this task with careful planning and execution. The process included:

    • Concept and functionality development
    • Appearance settings
    • Optimized to ensure minimal impact on site performance and load times
    • Providing detailed documentation and support for store owners to implement and configure the plugin easily

    By combining the client’s requirements with industry best practices, IT Delight ensured a fast and efficient development and integration process, adding site functionality for user convenience without compromising performance.


    1 x Frontend Developer
    1 x Backend Developer
    1 x Project Manager
    1 x QA Specialist


    2 months


    Easy product suggestion functionality
    Seamless integration with Shopware product pages

    The result

    The Give a Hint plugin has been successfully developed, tested, and uploaded to the Shopware Store. The plugin allows your customers to fill out a short form, leaving information such as the name and email address of the person they want to communicate their wishes to. That person will receive an email telling them which gifts they want from the sender. The project highlighted IT Delight's ability to provide Shopware Plugin Development services, create effective and efficient e-commerce solutions, helping shop owners use innovative features to improve their business results.

    The result


    If you want to reap the benefits of a custom Shopware plugin for your e-store, get in touch with us now.


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