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For our client, Sportano, we conducted a comprehensive website usability audit of their Magento 2 site to identify the primary user issues. We provided detailed recommendations for improvements tailored to the Ukrainian market.

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    About project

    Sportano is an e-commerce company specializing in sportswear. With a strong presence in the Polish and European markets, Sportano aims to improve the user experience in the Ukrainian market by optimizing its website according to local user preferences and standards.

    About project


    Sportano wants to improve the user experience in the Ukrainian market to stand out in this new market. The existing website was developed primarily for the Polish and broader European markets, which may need to meet the expectations and practices of Ukrainian users. The client’s main requirement is to receive a list of recommendations for adaptation and improvement of the site for entering a new market.


    We performed an in-depth website audit, analyzing each element to provide a comprehensive list of recommendations. This audit identified necessary changes and updates to fit the Ukrainian market better, ensuring the website is user-friendly and competitive.


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    April-May 2024


    Detailed UX Audit

    The result

    The client received a detailed document outlining all recommended changes and updates to optimize their website for the Ukrainian market. This document is a comprehensive guide for Sportano to enhance their website's usability and user experience, ensuring successful market entry and engagement.

    The result


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