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How IT Delight Fosters Culture of Growth and Improvement?

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When it comes to developers, most of the clients imagine them as nerdy guys in glasses, coding 24/7. But the truth is: that developers are nothing like that. Being a developer is not only about knowing how to code but also how to approach challenges and problems creatively and knowing when and who to ask to help.

That’s why IT Delight fosters a culture of growth and development among the developers, creating all the conditions for their growth. In this article, we’ll open the curtain just a little bit and share what activities our developers are involved in.

What’s the Pro Magento community?

Pro Magento community

The short answer is that Pro Magento is an open community of Magento developers. We all know how important the power of networking is these days. Being alone in the IT field is not an option for those who constantly strive to grow, develop, and learn new things.

A major part of our team consists of Magento developers, who we regularly provide numerous chances for growth and development.

And we’ve decided that it would be nothing less than a crime not to share these opportunities with fellow Magento developers out there as well. And that’s how it came to life: Pro Magento community that combines trustworthy content, a friendly atmosphere, and professional assistance, all in one place.

In the community, one can find answers to any questions. For example, we’ve added some of the valuable insights received there to our Magento Bug Fixing – Magento QA Testing Services page.

What are the main features?

Let’s review some of the main features of the Pro Magento community that make it a beneficial platform for Magento developers:

  • It’s a unique environment that has little to no analogs out there
  • It has a wide variety of useful content, all gathered in one place
  • Developers can ask questions to fellow developers who have the necessary knowledge
  • The community is open to partnerships and collaborations
  • Developers can benefit from free organization and moderation of the events
  • Talks and meetups with professionals with years of experience and skills in Magento development

The Pro Magento community aims to unite developers of different levels and expertise for the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. If you are a developer, you will never feel alone in the community when facing challenging or complicated tasks and projects.

How does the company help its employees to gain new skills and knowledge?

Let’s explore the various ways the company encourages the developers to gain new skills and experience.

Magento Talks

Magento Talks

Magento Talks have started as small events for IT Delight’s employees only where every worker could share their specific knowledge and skills with the others. If someone knows all the ins and outs of the Hyvä theme or has years of experience working with various tools and technologies, we encourage them to share their knowledge with the rest of the team.

It serves both as an opportunity to practice communication skills for the speaker and to learn new things from fellow team members. Recently, we’ve started bringing more audience to the Talks and opened them to the members of the Pro Magento community as well.


Pro Magento Meetups

Meetups are similar to the Magento Talks but more oriented towards the Pro Magento community. The speakers of the meetups are specialists and professionals in their field, outside of the IT Delight team, who are invited to give lectures on useful topics for the community members.

Personal Development Program

We’ve created a Personal Development Program for our frontend Magento developers. It contains the foundation for the development and growth of the developers at any level, as well as specific guidelines for growth in different directions.

The goal was to ensure that developers within our company have the same standards and recommendations to adhere to when it comes to development within the company.

With the Frontend Development Template, our team outlined the topics and directions of frontend development and specific skills within each area that every developer should aim to acquire.

English courses

And not just any courses, but courses that are tailored for developers who work with clients. The company hired the T-English school to work with our team, where teachers have experience in the IT field.

The lessons take place in Zoom, in groups of no more than six people. Before the course, every developer takes a communication test to determine their level and highlight problem spots. Once a month, the participants get reviews and reports to understand their progress.

The lessons combine grammar and vocabulary and involve practice in the IT contest, such as case studies, role-plays, customer calls, test cases, Scrum meeting simulations, etc.

There’s also a speaking club with native speakers and an analysis of participants’ needs.


Magento Workshop

We’ve prepared and conducted a workshop, “How to pass the interview with a client successfully,” for your developers. With the help of specialists from T-English school, we’ve conducted thorough research and analysis of the main mistakes during our clients’ technical interviews and wishes. The workshop covered such aspects as:

  • How to properly talk about the project and technologies
  • What kind of questions to ask the clients
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • Using linking words while talking
  • Explanation of the mistakes in real cases
  • Common mistakes of developers

The workshop was aimed to help our developers successfully pass the interviews with clients and build fruitful communication with them.


Recently, Joseph Maxwell released a new episode of the podcast Smash the Bug, where our coworker Alexander Galdin talked about strategies for navigating Hyvä. Joseph and Alexander discussed:

  • Understanding the basics of using Hyvä
  • Strategies when having multiple stores Alpine.js tool and challenges of its use
  • Strategies for successful overcoming of the design’s trade-offs
  • Handling of module upgrades
  • Significance of social networking for a frontend developer

Check out the episode and learn much more about working with Hyvä technology.

Sum up

And that’s it for now. Today, developers have plenty of opportunities for expanding their skills and knowledge, and we are only happy to help them with it. Because the more experience they have, the more comfortable the clients are when getting Magento consulting services.