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Why choose Hyvä Theme for your Magento Store?

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Choosing a suitable theme is crucial for launching or upgrading your Magento eCommerce store. One option that has stood out among others in recent years is the Hyvä Theme. This article will examine Hyvä’s features, benefits, and potential impact on your Magento store’s performance and revenue.

What is the Hyvä Theme?

Hyvä is a modern and customizable theme designed specifically for Magento. It fully integrates with the platform, providing a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for your online store. Built with the latest web technologies, Hyvä guarantees a smooth and efficient experience for both customers and website administrators.

One of the critical features of Hyvä is its focus on performance optimization. The theme is designed to load quickly and efficiently, ensuring your online store pages load quickly. This is crucial to provide a positive user experience and increase conversion rates. In addition, Hyvä’s clean and lightweight codebase helps reduce server load, further increasing the overall performance of your Magento store.

Hyvä Theme

In addition, Hyvä offers a wide range of customization options to adapt the theme to your brand’s unique style and requirements. With its responsive design, Hyvä ensures your website looks great and works flawlessly on all devices, from computers to smartphones. Thanks to these features, Hyvä Theme enhanced User Experience.

Features of Using Hyvä Theme for Your Magento Store

When you choose Hyvä for your Magento store, you unlock many benefits that can significantly enhance your online business. Let’s explore some of these benefits in detail.

Reduced complexity

Unlike many other Magento themes built on existing frameworks, Hyvä Theme is developed from scratch. This means that no unnecessary bloat or redundant code is weighing down your website. The result is a lean and efficient theme that offers improved performance, easier customization, and better compatibility with future Magento updates.

Features of Using Hyvä Theme for Your Magento Store - Reduced complexity

Maximum performance

Hyvä Theme is designed with performance in mind. Its lightweight and optimized codebase and its efficient caching mechanisms enable your Magento store to load quickly and handle high traffic volumes without sacrificing the user experience. This improves your search engine rankings and keeps customers engaged and satisfied.

Out of the box, Hyvä scores a 100/100 score in Google PageSpeed, and it passes Core Web Vitals on all metrics.

Features of Using Hyvä Theme for Your Magento Store - Maximum performance

Reduce your time-to-market

Hyvä is based on the PHP framework, well-known to all Magento developers. Hyvä customers save 30 to 50% in average build time compared to the default Luma Theme or PWA solutions. Accordingly, you save both time and money. Using Hyvä UI (a library of prebuilt, ready-to-use components compatible with Hyvä), you can build a new store from scratch in 2 weeks.

Features of Using Hyvä Theme for Your Magento Store - Reduce your time-to-market

Hyvä Themes offers many advantages for your online store, but like any system, it has certain disadvantages. When choosing a solution for your business, weigh all the pros and cons. Sometimes, the downsides are just small challenges to your profit.

Pros and cons Hyvä

Hyvä vs Luma Magento Theme

Hyvä outperforms Luma in many performance metrics. It sheds excess weight and is designed by developers for developers. For developers who are used to working with Magento 2 technologies (JS, Knockout JS, Less, and jQuery), Hyvä Themes offers a step forward – they can achieve the same results in less time. The result is noticeably more efficient and easy to use.

Luma out-of-box performs well, but performance starts to drop as you add things and make changes. This is critical for most online stores.

47% of customers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.

According to Kissmetrics

Comparing the two themes, Hyvä outperforms Luma due to its less complex and less loaded technology stack, reducing development time, and simpler architecture.

Although Luma is powerful and can provide an efficient experience, it is complex, and its overall performance is rugged compared to Hyvä’s score of 100/100.

Hyva vs Luma

Although the Hyvä Theme is currently compatible with all Magento Open Source features, it is not yet compatible with all third-party Magento modules or Adobe Commerce features. However, the Hyvä community is constantly creating solutions, for example, actively releasing compatibility modules.

Hyvä is more than a Theme

Hyvä develops and goes beyond the theme itself. It offers new products to take your Magento store to the next level. Hyvä Checkout, for example, provides a simplified and optimized checkout process, reducing cart abandonment and improving conversions. Hyvä UI increases the speed of launching stores thanks to ready-made components, providing a visually pleasing and exciting browsing experience.

Magento 2 Theme

Hyvä Checkout

Checkout is the most significant cornerstone of any store. According to Baymard Institute research, a better checkout UX increases conversion rates by 35%.

Hyvä Checkout is a standalone module that allows Magento 2 users to create and customize their checkout page in Hyvä. Its layout options allow you to create a checkout page that best suits your business requirements. Hyvä Checkout is also optimized for speed, ensuring smoothness and efficiency.

Hyvä Checkout

Our team is convinced that Hyvä Checkout will be the next generation of Checkout. Since we work with Hyvä as a Hyvä SILVER partner, we have been involved in PayPal integration, know how it works from the inside, and understand what a great job they have done for the convenience of users and developers.

Hyvä UI

Hyvä UI is an extensive and growing library of ready-to-use components. Thanks to this, development in Hyvä has become even faster and easier. You can create a new Magento 2 store from scratch in just a few weeks. All elements in Hyvä UI are carefully designed and provided in Figma, so you can easily and quickly style them according to your tasks and wishes. Although Hyvä UI is a separate product, it is available absolutely free of charge to all Hyvä Theme license holders.

Hyvä UI

The Hyvä UI library is constantly expanding, and you can now familiarize yourself with all the elements of V2.2.0. This is multiple components for menus, headers, footers, shortcut icons, content blocks, category landing page content blocks, footers, banners, CTAs, sliders, testimonials, USPs, product cards, cookie banners, modals, notifications, and pop-ups.

Migration of your Magento 2 store to Hyvä Theme

Migration of your Magento 2 online store to Hyva is a strategic step to improve performance and user interaction. Although this process has its peculiarities, it is pretty simple. The theme is designed to replace your current interface easily, and developers working with Magento 2 will quickly navigate the necessary steps. If you are interested in learning more, contact our experts. They will show you the process step by step. And they will also tell you how to maintain or increase the efficiency of your business processes.