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Could Hyvä Checkout Be the Next Generation of Checkout?

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Are you looking for something new to revolutionize your online store? Well, look no further! Hyvä Checkout could be just what you need! Find out how this innovative solution could be the next generation of Magento Checkout.

Being Hyvä official partners, we helped them with the development of this project. And of course, we had access to it before its official release. If you want to know more about the exciting capabilities of Hyvä Сheckout, keep reading.

In this article, we will explore the features of Hyvä Сheckout and compare them to those of Magento Checkout. In the end, we will determine if it truly can become a viable replacement for the industry standard.  
If you are curious to dig deeper into the topic, read why Magento Developers prefer Hyva over Luma and PWA Studio.

What Is Hyvä Checkout?

Hyvä Checkout

Hyvä Checkout is the new and future core functionality of the checkout page for Hyvä Themes. It uses fewer frontend parts, which makes it easier to develop and maintain while offering two themes with great designs to choose from.

Hyvä Checkout and the Backend Advantage

In comparison to regular Magento themes, headless development and progressive web apps (PWAs) pose greater challenges. They require meticulous tracking of client interactions, database storage, and transmission to external services such as billing and shipping.

While backend errors are often the primary concern, having an experienced frontend developer is crucial. As the number of team members and implemented components increases, project maintenance, and improvement become increasingly complex.

Hyvä Checkout: Backend-First Development

Hyvä Checkout addresses these challenges by prioritizing backend development and reducing frontend requirements. The framework leverages Magewire, Magento’s counterpart to the popular Laravel framework’s Livewire. Magewire allows the transfer of logic from the frontend to the backend.

Now let’s move to the pros and cons of Hyvä Checkout integrated into Hyvä themes.

Advantages of Hyvä Checkout

 Just imagine, Hyva is 13 times faster on mobile than the average Luma checkout, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction.

But that’s not all – Hyva doesn’t just save time, it also drives results. The statistics shows that businesses using Hyva experience a remarkable 35% increase in conversion rates. 

Let’s discuss how Hyvä Checkout makes things easier for eCommerce business owners and their customers. 

Advantages of Hyvä Checkout

2 Pre-Installed Themes to Choose From

Magento Checkout has only one theme – Onepage. In contrast, Hyvä has two default themes—Hyvä Default and its own Hyvä Onepage.

Hyvä Default and Magento Luma Checkout are similar. In what sense? Both of them include 2 main steps—shipping and payment. They are also similar in structure, but have several differences, including their designs.

User-friendly Shipping Page 

Hyvä Default has a more modern design compared to Magento Checkout. In fact, it is better thought-out and looks more complete. That’s why Hyvä Checkout can be used right out of the box, or with minor modifications.

On the contrary, the standard Magento Checkout looks like just a set of fields that usually require additional refinement and styling.

Magento Checkout (shipping step):

Magento Checkout (shipping step)

Learn more about Magento shipping methods here.

Hyvä Checkout (shipping step):

Hyvä Checkout (shipping step)

Better UX on Payment Pages 

The second step of the checkout is somehow similar in Hyvä and Magento. But still, it has 2 major differences.

First, Hyvä Default has a ‘Back to shipping’ button. Thanks to this small addition, customers who wish to modify their shipping address won’t have to search for the “shipping” link at the top of the page as they must do with Magento Checkout.

Another difference is a convenient billing address location—it is placed at the top of the Hyvä Default page for any payment method.

Magento Luma Checkout adds a billing address for each payment method separately. This can confuse the client if they haven’t decided on the payment method yet. To make things easier for customers, e-store owners decide to fix it. So they move a billing address from the payment methods to the top of the page. But, of course, it requires additional development or installation of third-party modules.

Magento Luma Checkout

Hyvä Checkout (payment step):

Hyvä Checkout (payment step)

In contrast, the Hyvä Onepage theme puts all the information on one screen without breaking it into different steps. Thus, the merchant does not need to install a third-party module.

Hyvä Onepage

Less Resources and Fewer Requests

Hyvä Checkout outshines Magento Checkout in several aspects, offering significant benefits to businesses. Let’s explore the remarkable advantages of Hyvä Checkout that make it a standout choice for streamlined and efficient checkout processes.

Hyvä vs Luma

Reduced Server Requests

In contrast to Magento Checkout’s extensive 360 server requests during the initial boot, Hyvä Checkout remarkably reduces this number to just 7. The majority of these requests pertain to essential JS components and knockout templates. The correlation between request quantity and load time is evident, making Hyvä Checkout a superior option for faster loading and improved user experience.

Backend Efficiency with Magewire

Hyvä Checkout leverages Magewire, which optimizes data and template handling. The entire page is generated and rendered on the backend, eliminating the need to load JS scripts and knockout templates individually. This backend-focused approach significantly reduces the number of requests and improves overall efficiency.

Decreased Server Response Size

Hyvä Checkout excels in minimizing the server response size. Compared to Magento Checkout, Hyvä’s response size is six times smaller. While Magento Checkout weighs in at 3.3 megabytes for all associated resources, Hyvä Checkout achieves the same functionality with a mere 561 kilobytes. This reduction in size contributes to faster loading times and improved performance.

Hyvä Checkout vs Magento Checkout

Accelerated Development Speed

Through local testing, Hyvä Checkout has demonstrated impressive speed, sometimes performing up to three times faster. This accelerated development speed not only benefits developers but also has indirect advantages for customers. Quicker page loading expedites the design and testing processes, reducing overall development time and cost.

Hyvä Checkout’s ability to minimize server requests, reduce response size, and enhance development speed makes it an excellent choice for businesses seeking an efficient and cost-effective checkout solution. Embracing Hyvä Checkout empowers businesses to deliver an exceptional user experience while streamlining development processes.

Great Structure and Fewer Files to Run

Hyvä Checkout vs Magento Checkout

Hyvä Checkout brings significant advantages compared to the complexities associated with Magento Checkout. For comparison, the Magento Сheckout module has 169 files associated with the checkout page in the `view/frontend` folder, while Hyvä has 68 files in the frontend folder and 19 Magewire components in the src/Magewire folder, which is 2 times less.

Let’s explore the key points that showcase Hyvä Checkout in a positive light, making it a superior choice for developers and businesses alike.

Simplicity and Familiarity

Unlike Magento Checkout, which involves a multitude of interconnected XML files, phtml templates, JS components, and REST APIs, Hyvä Checkout follows a more straightforward structure. To add new elements, developers only need to focus on three essential components—a block, a phtml template, and a Magewire component. This simplified structure is familiar to most developers and makes development and understanding easier.

Reduced Complexity

Magento Checkout’s intricate XML structure often leads to errors and difficulties in locating required templates and components. In contrast, Hyvä Checkout streamlines the process by minimizing nesting and providing a clearer logical chain. Developers can work with fewer files and maintain a better understanding of the overall structure, resulting in faster development and reduced complexity.

Hyvä Checkout vs Magento Checkout

Efficient Backend Development

With Hyvä Checkout, developers primarily focus on working with Magewire components and setting up associated templates. The majority of the development process takes place on the backend side, providing comfort, confidence, and reduced chances of errors. Frontend work is usually limited to template configuration, with occasional modifications using JavaScript for specific tasks.

Fewer Files and Development Hours

Fewer Files and Development Hours

Compared to Magento Checkout’s extensive number of associated files, Hyvä Checkout significantly reduces the development workload. The frontend folder in Hyvä Checkout contains fewer files, and there are fewer Magewire components to manage. This streamlined approach translates to fewer development hours, lower costs, and faster results for clients.

So, Hyvä Checkout’s simplified and familiar structure, reduced complexity, efficient backend development, and decreased number of files offer numerous advantages over Magento Checkout. Embracing Hyvä Checkout not only results in a more comfortable and confident development experience but also leads to significant time and cost savings for businesses.

Just look how Magento adds “isBillingAddressRequired” to payment methods.

Adding isBillingAddressRequired:


Backend-Friendly Nature of Hyvä Checkout 

In Magento Checkout, developers frequently find themselves juggling between the backend and frontend, attempting to tackle issues in multiple areas simultaneously. This constant back-and-forth not only eats up valuable time but also creates confusion when tasks are assigned incorrectly, leading to delays and the need for extensive explanation between frontend and backend developers. This inefficient workflow inevitably prolongs development timelines and incurs unnecessary costs.

Backend-Friendly Nature of Hyvä Checkout

On the other hand, Hyvä Checkout streamlines the development process by consolidating the majority of functionality on the backend side. Backend developers can now focus on their expertise without being burdened by intricate frontend intricacies. Frontend developers are only needed for specific tasks or CSS styling, while the core functionality primarily resides in one place—the backend. This unified approach significantly reduces confusion, eliminates redundant tasks, and translates into substantial cost savings for clients.

By leveraging the backend-friendly nature of Hyvä Checkout, businesses can optimize their development resources, minimize coordination efforts between frontend and backend teams, and ultimately deliver a streamlined and cost-effective checkout solution.

Quick and Enjoyable Learning Experience

Becoming an expert in Magento Checkout development can be a time-consuming endeavor (read more about setting up a Magento store). Understanding the intricate file structure, determining the responsibilities of each file, and grasping their interactions can be a challenging task. This complexity not only affects the initial learning phase but also has an impact on future work. Even experienced Magento developers may find themselves needing to refresh their knowledge of the checkout structure after periods of working on other aspects of the platform.

Quick and Enjoyable Learning Experience

In contrast, Hyvä Checkout offers a refreshing departure from the complexity associated with Magento. It avoids:

  • excessive abstractions
  • convoluted patterns
  • unnecessary nesting that can be difficult to comprehend. 

The framework is accompanied by excellent and regularly updated documentation, providing detailed examples.

With Hyvä Checkout, even an inexperienced developer can progress from studying the documentation to implementing their first functional feature within just a couple of days. Achieving a confident level of proficiency typically takes no more than 1-2 weeks. 

According to our developers at IT Delight, the learning process itself is more enjoyable compared to Magento Checkout. The streamlined learning curve contributes to accelerated progress and skill acquisition.

Key Points to Consider When Switching to Hyvä

Switching to Hyvä Checkout requires some important considerations to ensure a smooth transition. Here are two key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Learning Curve: Although Hyvä Checkout is designed to be user-friendly, it’s beneficial for developers to have prior knowledge of the Magento checkout process. This familiarity will help navigate the similarities between the two systems and reduce the learning time required.
  2. Request Handling: Hyvä Checkout optimizes page loading by minimizing the number of requests. However, some actions that were previously handled on the client side now require server-side processing. While this offers development advantages, it’s crucial to implement this functionality correctly to avoid excessive requests triggered by user interactions.
Key Points to Consider When Switching to Hyvä

By taking these factors into account, you can make a well-informed decision about transitioning to Hyvä Checkout. Remember, while it may require a small learning curve and careful request handling, the benefits of a streamlined checkout process make it worth considering.

Our Verdict on Hyvä Checkout 

Hyvä did a great job and made a great replacement for the standard Magento checkout. It’s intuitive, fast, and definitely developer friendly. This has obvious benefits for both merchants and development companies, meaning faster development and reduced costs.

While Hyvä Checkout is a paid module and requires some initial adjustment time for developers, the investment is undoubtedly worthwhile. Its potential to become a superior replacement for Magento Checkout, or even other popular checkout modules, is undeniable.

Hyvä Checkout has every chance of becoming a great replacement for Magento Checkout, or at least a replacement for other popular checkout modules.

With Hyvä Checkout, businesses can unlock a world of enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the seamless power of Hyvä Checkout and propel your online presence to new heights.